2016 Pre-PVGP Glacier Tour/Rally

tour201304bReturning by popular demand, the Jay Malobicky designed Glacier Tour road rally will start and conclude at the site of our annual PVGP Kick-Off Party, the Doublewide Grill in Mars, PA.

First car off at 2:00 pm.

Start your PVGP weekend experience off right by registering for this very popular event and plan to party afterward with fellow Porsche owners at the Doublewide Grill. You really don’t want to miss this event.

For more information about the Glacier Tour/Rally, contact Jay Malobicky.

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Porsche Touring Crew Monthly Luncheon

Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh Front


The first Porsche Touring Crew gathering is now on the calendar! The Porsche Touring Crew will be meeting for a traditional German lunch at the Hofbrauhaus on Wednesday May 25, 2016. The Hofbrauhaus Biergarten may even be open! There is plenty of secure parking around the South Side Works, so come on out and spend an afternoon with your Porsche friends.

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Google Map directions to the Hofbrauhaus

Please RSVP to Chris Tooker (cat.tooker@gmail.com) so that he can make the proper final arrangements with the Hoffbrauhaus.

AX Cone

Autocross School Announced For 2016

Autocross has been going strong for four years now.  As we enter our fifth season, we are excited to offer our first autocross school!

The autocross school will be for all levels of driving, and the instructors will be prepared to teach everyone from first-time students to seasoned, veteran drivers.  The school has been developed as much for the novice as for those who want to improve their existing skills.  During the one-day school, drivers will learn about and experience vehicle dynamics through a series of exercises: braking, turning, accelerating, understanding the course, and driver development.

The school is a perfect opportunity for drivers to explore what happens at the performance limit of their cars.  It is a great option for those who want to learn how to autocross, improve their autocross times, or even begin to prepare to drive in a future DE.  Every student will receive in-car instruction from one of our experienced autocross instructors.  The school emphasizes safety, fun, and speed.

The 2015 Autocross School will be held at the Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA) at Pitt Race in Wampum, PA, on Saturday, May 28, 2016, and will follow the normal autocross schedule.

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AX Cone

2016 AutoCross Events & Registration

Autocross (AX) will give you opportunity to test yourself and develop your own skill set, as well as learn the limits of your vehicle in a safe and controlled environment. All events are based around a course made of traffic cones and each lap timed for each driver. AX seldom exceeds speeds of 60 mph and has no “wheel to wheel” competition.

AX is a great entry-level competitive driving event that requires little car prep, time or money. Beginners are welcome and there are no pre-requisites other than a vehicle in safe working condition.  Before each event begins there is a guided Course Walk that takes you step by step through the driving line and explains how to navigate through the cones. This is especially helpful for first-timers and those that want a second perspective.

While the size of the field will determine the number of runs which occur last year we averaged 4 – 6 runs in both the morning and afternoon.

The open 2016 AX Season events includes (click to register on MSR):

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