An Important Message From the ARPCA President

President’s Message:
Greetings Fellow Club Members – we are in a surreal time to be sure. Certainly like nothing I have experienced before. By now, many of you have seen cancellations of the All Member Dinner, the Taste of Track, and now our Watkins Glen DE that was to be held at the beginning of May. Like the streets of downtown Pittsburgh, our calendar has become eerily silent. That is how it must be.

In this regard, I wanted to let everyone know that all Club events through Mid-May are cancelled, and will be rescheduled where we can. Each event chair will have details on those particulars. Also, we are refunding any MSR charges that you have paid for cancelled events. You should have received a refund by now, or will soon. We are hopeful that this situation may soon pass with minimal adverse affects on our health.

In this regard, Pitt Race DE is still on, although we have changed the refund policy – you can still register and get a full refund up to 2 weeks prior to the event. Be optimistic, and register! Also, there are no changes as of now to the PVGP – all systems are still a go for that event.

So here we are in early Spring. It is warm out, and we’d like to get together with our friends from the Club, and do Porsche things. What are the alternatives? We still love our cars. If you haven’t gotten your car out of storage yet, get it out – it is warm and there is no salt on the road any longer. Go for a drive. Or, like me, take it apart and do that long list of maintenance items that you’ve been waiting to tackle.

If you stop by my garage, please be sure to wear a mask and bring rubber gloves – yes, in part because of the virus, but more to point, you’ll be asked to help clean parts with chemicals and it is a dirty, smelly job!


Take care all – stay healthy!

Ed Rice, President