From the President Feb 2013

Greetings to All and Happy February! Many exciting things to let you know this month. It’s Cayenne season, but before you know it, it’ll be 911 / Boxster / 914 / 944 / 968 etc weather… And we have several events leading up to warm weather driving. First off, I want to thank all of you who sent good wishes for this coming year as I take over as President. All I can tell you is that we have talented people who are dedicated to our club and keep it running very nicely. There are some positions coming open in the coming months and the club needs you! Read more about this below…

We received a lot of great feedback on Dr. Gaudio’s article, “To DE or not to DE” – December 2012 issue. Dr. Gaudio was one of my early instructors and is a highly accomplished driver. I liked one line in particular stating that ‘everyone was once a novice.’ So true… There is nothing like our Performance Driving Series. From Autocross [AX] to the Car Control Clinic to Drivers Education [DE] events, we are fortunate in this region to have multiple and varied outlets to use our cars for what they were designed. You should consider this if you haven’t already. One item some members brought up to me was about insurance. Dr. Gaudio is absolutely correct that none of these activities constitutes racing. The only way to be 100% sure about your particular insurance policy is to check with your insurance company before an event. There are also supplemental policies you can purchase specifically for the track [DE events] – details are on our site.

I received several emails this past month about additional options open to our membership. One of these is a Pennsylvania PCA license plate. Several members have these and they look great. You can learn more about these by following the link from our site: Another email came from the AACA Museum in Hershey which is opening a new Exhibit “Porsche – Style and Design” beginning January 25th through April 28th, 2013. There is always a group of ARPCAers who make the run to Hershey for the Porsche Swap Meet every April. This year the Swap Meet is happening on April 20. So it might be a fun thing to take a Ferris Bueller Day Off on the 19th and hit the museum on Friday, grab dinner as a group and then hit the Swap Meet on Saturday… Who’s with me?!?!?

As mentioned up top, we have lots of events happening every month… At the end of January, a group from our region went down to Daytona to watch the 24 Hour Rolex race while another group from our region went to the Double Wide Bar & Grill in the South Side [thanks again to Steve Zumoff who lets us back for some reason each year…] to watch the race on a 10 foot HD screen. All I can tell you is that I was in the former group and we had a great time. Weather wasn’t balmy by Florida standards, but it certainly was by Pittsburgh standards. As usual, Porsche put on a great show.

Want to thank KC Kowalik and the entire staff from the Car Store for hosting the Mid-Winter Party. As always they put on a first class event. Great seeing new faces and I encourage people to try some of our new events. Thanks to Dan Franzetta, Scott Mores, Rob Hoffman, Randy Evans and everyone who contributed time, planning and effort. Thanks also to Jay Policastro, our own Daytona Rolex 24 hour winner, for his elegant presentation. And one more big thank you to Ken & Louise Jeremiah. They are now our club’s first ‘Royalty!’

Our Monthly Club Meeting will happen at Auto Palace on Wednesday February 13 at 7:30pm. Thanks in advance to Aaron and Debbie for hosting us! Please come and see what we do at our meetings [and the gorgeous Auto Palace showroom]. You might even learn the secret hand shake…

Another event you CAN NOT MISS is the All-Member Dinner which will be held at Atria’s on April 6 [thank you Judi!]. This is one of our finest events as we introduce ourselves to our newest members. As many of you know, I was your ‘pledge master’ and gave our most sacred oath to new members. Now that I am managing other duties in the club, you will see a new ‘pledge master.’ What will occur, I cannot say nor will I take any responsibility!!! And if you are a new member in the past year, you need to come. GREAT prizes await you…

As mentioned above, we’re looking for some people to take over some integral positions within our club. The Rabeneck family, who does an incredible amount for the club will be moving at the end of the school year to Georgia. Our loss is the Peach State Region’s gain. Dale is both our webmaster and our Track Chair. Abbi is our Treasurer. We’re fortunate in that Dale & Abbi have offered to work with those who desire to take over these soon-to-be-vacated positions. They have great systems already developed so transition should be seamless. So if you’re interested in working with the club in these capacities, do not be shy! We need great people to keep the club great.

On a more solemn note, ARPCAer Mark Cicacci wrote letting us know John Raysich, a long-time friend of our club, had passed. Mark wrote, “John had worked on at least 8 of my 911’s over the last 15 years. Many of us relied on John’s expertise to keep our prize possessions in top condition. In addition to his skill with a wrench, his guitar playing, welcoming personality and wit made the sometime painful act of repairing our cars a little more bearable. His passing will leave a huge void in the Porsche community.” Another long-time ARPCA member, Karl McGhee, was killed recently in a car accident. Karl was a racer and one of life’s true characters. He also had one of the nicest 1973 911 RS lightweights on this side of the country. Godspeed John & Karl.

So ARPCAers, one more winter month is behind us and lots of great things ahead. Still loving the new format of our Rundschau? Why don’t you write an article about your first Porsche and send it in? Off to my first President’s meeting at the end of the month. Should be interesting. As I said before, I feel like a comic who gets to follow Jerry Seinfeld… But I’ll ensure that our zone knows we are a great region! With that, I wish you GUTE FAHRT! –George

From the President Jan 2013

2013 President

2013 President

New Year Greetings to all!  Hopefully you’ve navigated the holiday autocross with grace and come away without issue.  Have to tell you that I received a gift this year that is not only true but incredibly funny.  It’s a refrigerator magnet that states, “Happiness is a warm and loving family – several hundred miles away…”  Being from a large family (I’m the youngest of 8 children] is wonderful, in small doses.  That said, let’s get on to what will be an incredible 2013 for the ARPCA.

As I’m sure you know [because you check out every day – thanks for the great work on the site Dale!], I am your newly elected President.  The competition was tough and worthy and I am humbled that I was able to win your trust to guide our club.  There is no better way to start the year than to thank our outgoing President and his singular partner in crime, Ken and Louise Jeremiah.  They have guided us for the past 8 years.  I feel like a comic who gets to follow Jerry Seinfeld…  Ken and Louise have made this club one to be admired.  The most beneficial aspect of their tenure at the top has and will continue to be inclusiveness.  There is nobody who is not welcome to participate in any aspect of the club.  Never feel as though you are too new or too anything to participate.  Come to an event you never considered attending.  Write an article about the first time you drank the Porsche Kool-Aid.  Try a performance driving event to understand the genius of Dr. Porsche.  Bring up a great charity to support.  These are but a few of the ways you can enjoy the club and enhance its reason for being.

As is often said, it’s not the cars, it’s the people.  A credible maxim for sure.  The easiest way to ensure you experience the pulse of our club is to come to our monthly meeting.  We discuss club events, club charities, and welcome any new ideas to make our club better.  There is no secret lair accessible only to those with the secret handshake, code and key…  We have our meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30p [unless there is a conflict with another event].  This month’s meeting took place on January 10 at the Sewickley Car store’s conference room in the BMW building.  K.C. Kowalyk continues to be a most generous host.  We also like to bring our meetings out to the region, so if you’d ever like to host a meeting, just say so!

The most noticeable change to our new year is the format of our fine publication, Rundschau.  We’ve chosen a smaller format primarily because the USPS seems to deliver this format far more quickly than they did our previous larger, magazine format.  There is nothing more frustrating than getting our exceptional publication that mentions events which had already occurred…  But the same quality, layout and editorial expertise will remain!  Kudos to Jack, Ish, Rob and Paul for your continued fine work.  And if you’re a business owner, the ARPCA has 1000+ members in a demographic you certainly would find beneficial.

Another change for this year is that the President’s column name has changed.  Ken’s ‘From the Driver’s Seat’ could hardly be followed.  Thus I pulled out ‘Gute Fahrt’ which is German for ‘Good Travels.’  Seriously, google it!  It embodies what I want for our club – good travels in all we do, with fun, humor and companionship.  We had this phrase on one of our driving event t-shirts a few years back and it was a hit, so why not recycle something fun?

So what else is in store this month?  We have a contingent of ARPCAers heading down to Daytona for the Rolex 24 hour race over the last weekend in January [26th -27th].  This race is the kickoff to the sports car racing year and is always a terrific event to watch.  Porsche racers from around the world show up and make their cars do impossible things for 24 hours.  The SunCoast region has a Porsche Club tent and are always gracious hosts.  There are also several members who bring RV’s and set up shop in the lot out by the infield lake.  It’s a great way to watch a race, wander around and see familiar faces.  Many of us stay at the Ocean Walk resort on the beach which is a 15 minute drive away.  You can learn more at  If you’ve never been to a major sports car race, this is a great way to start.  And if you’ve been there before, you know how fun it can be.  Access to garages, racers and lots of amenities close by make it a unique experience.  It’s been rumored that an ARPCA dinner could happen on Saturday night…

There is also a Zone 4 event [ARPCA is in Zone 4] happening at the Detroit Auto Show.  The show opens to the public on Saturday, January 19th, 2013. Porsche AG has announced that it will be providing a private presentation of their 2013 models for PCA Members and guests from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM before the show opens to the public, which will make it a very special event to attend for all of the Porschephiles in our Club.
The official announcement states:

Porsche Cars North America is pleased to be able to extend an invitation for you and a guest to be a part of an exclusive Porsche club preview event at the 2013 North American International Auto Show where Porsche will uncover its latest breakthrough in race-bred performance. As an attendee, you will have early access to the entire Porsche display before it’s shown to the general public. Be among the first to get up close and personal with all the latest Porsche models.

Date: Saturday, January 19th, 2013, Time: 7.00 AM – 9.00 AM, Place: Wayne Hall, Porsche Booth, Cobo Center.

Registration is limited to the first 80 people (max. two tickets per registrant) to register at <> . Tickets will be deposited at a will call desk at the Oakland Hall entrance to the exhibition. A light breakfast and refreshments will be provided. This is an invitation only event, and you must be pre-registered to attend. There will be no registrations on site. Following the event your ticket will allow you regular access to the NAIAS.

Finally, please mark February 2nd on your calendar.  That is the date of our mid-winter party which will take place at the Sewickley Car Store and is one of our biggest events.  Live music, food and drink provided.  Lots of great ARPCA swag available for purchase.  Door prizes donated by our members and affiliate businesses.  And a great rundown of the year before us.  There may even be a very famous special guest attending…  Please plan to attend.  You’ll meet people who are eager for Spring [i.e. Driving Season] to come!  You’ll meet people in the midst of winter car repair and / or upgrade projects.  You’ll meet people who just like their Porsches…  I sincerely hope to see you there.  And if you need anything from me, just email me at  I’d love to hear from you and learn how you feel we can continue to enhance this great club of ours.  Many thanks and GUTE FAHRT!  ~ George

From the President December 2012

KJeremiahWell the time has finally arrived – my last “From the Driver’s Seat” article – about time!

We had our final social event of the year – our Porsche Prom. I want to thank Sandy and Bill Zielinski for coordinating things at Wildwood Country Club for us. While the occasion was smaller than usual (less than 40 members), I thought it was one of our better social events – good music and great food. I also want to thank Louise for her efforts in putting everything together including center pieces and dessert.

Eight years is a long time to be president of anything – especially a volunteer organization and I want to thank the “active club members” for making it a successful term. We’ve accomplished a great deal; thanks to folks stepping up with their ideas and participation.

We’ve had (after a minor hiccup) an extremely successful Driver’s Education program thanks to the leadership of Bruce Graham, Ralph Gaudio and the Pryors (both Larry and Larry, Jr). With their abilities we always had successful and safe DE’s. We’ve had great participation and most events were sold out. I also want to recognize Dale Rabeneck for implementing our new on-line registration feature (which we now use for most of our activities.)  This program has made it much easier for our DE and social chairs to plan and organize our events.  Because of their success, we’ve managed to implement other functions.

I also want to thank John Schrenker for managing the Car Control Clinic. John suggested this program and we’ve had terrific results and attendance. Although designed for new drivers, many new Porsche owners and spouses took advantage of these events to obtain an “inkling” of what Porsche performance is all about. I never saw anyone leave one of our CCC’s without a smile on their face (except for ML and Abbi – long story).

We also had a come back this year for our Autocross program. Rob Hoffman and Scott Mores asked if we could have an Autocross event. Even though they had never participated in an Autocross, they quickly got up to speed and we ended up having three events and they even made money – great job.
Iron Jack Purvis created our new rally events. I’m surprised we don’t have better attendance (usually 12 – 20 Porsches) because with the assistance of Frank Buniciky they are really well organized and a great deal of fun.

We’ve kind of been up and down with our tours, however the ones we had were again a lot of fun and I want to thank Mike Ferraro for his work. We now have a new “Tourmeister” in Jason Monyok and I’m sure these events will once again be a great success – what’s better than driving your Porsche though great country and having lunch with interesting people.

All of our events were and are on our website thanks to Dale Rabeneck and his team of assistants. I hope our members become more active in utilizing this up-to-date quality communication tool. Also thanks to Nancy Lowe and now the team of Iron Jack, Scott Ishler, Rob Hoffman and Paul Nickoloff, our region has one of the best newsletters in PCA. The one time we entered our newsletter in the PCA competition, we took third place. I’m hoping we will enter in 2013 and I’m sure we’ll do even better.

Thanks to Earl Seiler, we’ve created a new communication vehicle with our email blasts. Our club is notorious for waiting until the last minute to register for our activities and our email blasts have really helped in encouraging our folks to register earlier assisting event chair(s).

Our Wine and Shines (and Speed and Sushi) have become extremely popular and I want to again thank those who chaired the various events. I mean what’s better than driving your Porsche somewhere for refreshments and meeting great people.

Our Porsche Project for Patriots (P-3) has been one of our proudest achievements. Suzanne Carlin and George Patterson came up with this idea (they both had relatives serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and so we created various venues to send gifts, usually phone cards, to our troops in these conflicts). With the generous support of our members, we have contributed thousands of dollars and have been rewarded with numerous notes of thanks as well as recognition from top military officers. I believe this is one of the greatest things we do and hope we will continue to receive the support from our members.

Finally, I want to thank all of our members who supported our most attended events – the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Louise and I chaired these events after taking over from Linda and Clark Hamerly (which was a difficult act to follow). We continued to expand our presence at the PVGP, and usually had the largest attendance for any car club. In 2011, with Mark Hanson leading our efforts, we blew the place up with a record 502 Porsches and contributing $73,500 to the PVGP charities – this is still a record and probably will be for a long time. We had probably fifty club members who assisted with our efforts and had Porsches from twelve states and Canada. What a great team effort and a demonstration of how strong our club is in putting together a major effort.

I want to thank all those individuals who were officers and chairs during my term. We could not have accomplished so much without your dedication and time. A terrific group of people – thanks do much.

My tenure as president, thanks to many of you, was an enjoyable experience. I know that with George Patterson taking over the driver’s seat that our club will continue to grow and prosper. And I’m sure that with George’s creativeness and dedication, we will see some great venues and activities in the future.

Oh, please send your suggestions, ideas and comments — to George.

From the President, November 2013

KJeremiahFall is here and most people really enjoy this time of year – cooler temperatures, fall colors and crisp air. I don’t. Cooler temperatures mean cold weather is upon us and soon there will be snow and ice – bad thing. I’m color blind and could care less about the trees and their leaves. The crisp air is OK. But mainly I don’t like fall is because soon with the changing of the weather comes snow and road chemicals means that the Porsche will spend most of its time in the garage. As I’ve mentioned before, our Porsche is a real attitude adjuster for us and I’ll miss the performance and enjoyment the car brings to us.

With all that being said, we still have had an active time of late with our cars and members. We had our second Wine and Shine of the season – this time at Stone Villa – a very nice venue and good music thanks to the efforts of Iron Jack and Mary-Lou Purvis. Please see Louise’s article for details.

The Purvis’s and Frank Buniciky also put on a “Poker Run” rally that as usually for those who participated were really pleased with this event. Since my eyesight is still on the mend and Louise has lost neck mobility, we were unable to join for the drive, but managed to join everyone for lunch. It takes a great deal of planning and work to put on a rally and Iron Jack and Fast Frank are to be congratulated for a quality event. These are always great fun and I would hope others will join us for our next road adventure.

Our two “novice” Autocross chairs, Rob Hoffman and Scott Mores pulled off another successful event. They even managed to add some rain to the venue to challenge our participants even more. Again, it takes a great deal of effort to get everything completed and Rob and “S’mores” have done a terrific job in recreating a valuable venue.

Finally to complete our month, we had an impromptu gathering at Buffalo Wild Wings in Cranberry. The restaurant invited our club and give us 10% off on our food. Soon after Louise and I drove in Shaun Pecore and his lovely wife drove in with their beautiful 997 GT3 RS. I commented to Shaun that he had the fastest car in the mall parking lot. Not much later after I said this, Kenny Pryor shows up in his GT3 RS – same color and trim. We parked the cars together and they created a really impressive site. I then told Shaun and Kenny that they had the two fastest cars in the parking lot. Kenny looked at me and gave me a little smile because I didn’t know that his mother Claudia was coming with her red 600 hp plus twin turbo. Claudia won the prize for having the fastest Porsche in the lot. It was a fun gathering and I hope we will do it again.

We’re now ready for our last event of the year – our Porsche Prom. I hope many of you will take advantage of this festive event – good food, fun dancing and great people.

There are some of us who are going to the 24 hour race at Daytona. The Clarks are renting a motor home which will act as our “base of operations” for the race. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me or George Patterson.

Speaking of the Clark’s, I want to thank Melinda and Chuck for their hospitality at their estate. The six car garage, car lifts and tool boxes were very impressive and provided a great venue for our business meeting.

Hope you can join us for our next meeting at the estate of Bill and Sandy Zielinski. Their home will be “decked out” for the holidays and it is really something to see.

Last chance to contact me with your comments, ideas and suggestions.

From the President October 2013

The completion of our third and last Driver’s Education event at Mid-Ohio begins the last phase of our Porsche season. That’s the bad news – the good news is that we still have a number of events on our agenda for the remainder of the year and that our track programs have been a great success.

Our DE at PIRC (formally BeaveRun) was a sold out event with many new participants (as usual) and thanks to our Chief Instructors (Bruce Graham, Ralph Guidio and Larry Pryor, Jr.) and their instructors, we were able to put on a quality, safe event. I also want to thank Scott (SMORES) Mores for chairing this event (his first time as chair) and his assistants. The event was made even more successful by having a Saturday evening “pig roast” after the day’s driving. This part of the event came off thanks to the efforts of Melinda Clark – it was her idea to do this and I know that many of the drivers, instructors and members enjoyed the conversations and the food.

Once again our Mid-Ohio DE was a near sold our event was a great success. Because of the quality of our instructors and the smoothness of our organization of our track events, we are fortunate to have sellouts at our DE’s and I know many other regions are somewhat envious. I have been told many times by “outsiders” that we put on the best track events in the area – and probably PCA. Our DE was chaired by Dale Rabaneck who also acts as Track Chair and is instrumental in making our track and social events by creating an on-line registration package.

Coming up, we still have one Auto Cross event – see our website for details. As I’ve mentioned before I am extremely thankful to Rob Hoffman and Scott Mores for initiating and bringing back this venue. Again for those members that are not ready yet to put your Porsche on a race track; the Auto X events is a safe (please note the cover of last month’s newsletter – it illustrates that the worst thing that can happen is that you may/probably will hit a rubber cone) and inexpensive way to test out the performance of your car. These events also create some “friendly” competition among our participants which adds to the comradely in our club.


Also coming up is our next rally created and chaired by Iron Jack Purvis and Frank Bunecicky. There going to put in a new wrinkle with a “Poker Run” type of venue. Again if you never been on one of our rallies – you should. It’s not really a competitive venue and again you’ll probably meet some new Porsche folks and we always have a great meal and socializing and the conclusion of the rally. Our last social event of the season will be our Porsche Prom chaired by Sandy Zilenski at the Wildwood Country Club. This is always an enjoyable time – mostly because our ladies (and gents) get to dress up in a non-pretentious environment. Once again our DJ will be Charlie Apple who always has a great repertoire of music and will take request for your favorite song.

A new event this year will be a “Shine and Dine” on October 14th at the Cranberry Wild Wings restaurant. The restaurant specially invited us to show off our cars and better yet they will donate ten per cent of our food purchases to our charities. Also this is a non-Steelers’ Sunday, so there really is a reason not to show up. Again details will be on our website. Some more good news – Jason Monyok has agreed to be our new “Tourmeister”. I don’t know if he will have time to create a tour for this season, but it is great to know and look forward to having some great drives. Our tours have been extremely popular in the past, so I look forward to seeing you and your Porsches traveling some through some of our great scenery. There have been a number of members asking about our annual trek and brunch at Nemacolin. The board and members decided not to do our event this year. Last year, we had less than average turnout and the resort also requested a guarantee (which we didn’t meet) so this was a money losing effort. I am hopeful that we can find someone to chair this event in 2013, because it is a quality experience and hopefully we can return this event to our schedule Coming up in the next issue, you’ll notice our ballot for our 2013 officers. You’ll also notice a familiar name missing — mine and it’s about time. I feel strongly that our club needs new leadership and I know the individuals nominated will do a great job in making our organization even stronger. I hope you will all take the time to vote which really does show how much you enjoy the club.

I also want to thank Diane and Paul Nickoloff for the use of their estate for September’s monthly business meeting. The meeting itself was very productive and the “after party” was even more fun. We need your input, so please plan on attending one of our meetings – you’ll enjoy yourself – especially if you participate.

Before I sign off for this month’s issue, I want to comment on the quality of our newsletter. Creating and publishing the Runshau is the most difficult and challenging task offered in our club. Nancy Lowe really began taking our publication into a quality piece of work. Now co-editors Iron Jack Purvis, Frank Bunecicky, layout guru Rob Hoffman and publisher Paul Nickoloff have taken our publication to new heights and they do this by putting in a lot of time and effort. If you see them or meet them, please thank them for their efforts – they deserve your praise.

Please contact me with your ideas, comments and suggestions – you’re not going to have much more time to do so.

From The President July 2012

What a Porsche season so far and we’re not even half way through. We had a really busy Porsche weekend in June with our Car Control Clinic on Saturday and our first Auto Cross in many years on Sunday.
The Car Control Clinic was sold out. Louise and I were there and spoke to many of the participants and had nothing but great things to say – but the real test was the huge smiles on their faces. Thanks again to John Schrinker and his crew who do such a great job of organizing and running the event.
Even though, we weren’t able to attend, we heard great stories about our refound Auto Cross event. Rookies Rob Hoffman and Scott (with two T’s) organized our event even though they had never run in an auto cross – says something about their organizing skills. Their motivation was to put on a driving event so that members could test the performance of their Porsches without having to spend a lot of money. I heard that Scott Ishler was the fastest “rookie” of the day and he is known for his detailing skills.
Because of other conflicts, we didn’t get to run in our first rally of the year – bummer. But we did go to Frostberg to see everyone for lunch. Unfortunately (for us) our GPS decided to takes via the long scenic route and we got there jus as everyone was finishing their lunch. At least we were able to see many of the participants and heard the great stories of their adventures. Thanks to Iron Jack Purvis and Frank Bunicky another great event. We are going to make sure that we will not miss the next rally later in the season. They are really fun events and we have a good time.
This month’s (June) business meeting was outstanding (see Louise’s article) and I want to thank “Tiny T” Mattock for hosting the meeting. The meeting “finished” by 9:30pm, but the last of us left sometime after 11:00pm – hope your Porsche clock shows up soon.
I hope that more of you will attend out meeting — especially July’s since the will be the last of our meetings before the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.
Until then, please send me your input, suggestions and ideas.

From the President May 2012

Now that spring is here most of us have spiffed up our Porsches and have taken at least a brief run. The Porsche season is upon us and so are the club’s activities.

After a very successful Mid-Winter Party, we followed up with our All Member dinner welcoming our new members into the club. My congratulations to Judi Sieler for and thanks for a superb job of chairing this event. We had thirteen new members who were magnificently initiated into our club the Porsche cape and driver’s helmet guru – George Patterson. After the initiation I spoke with many of the new members. Most were surprised at the upbeat nature of the dinner and the great welcoming gifts that were handed out. As usual, I’m still confused as to why we don’t have more new members at this affair – especially when they receive a free dinner and prizes worth up to $400. Also, I must apologize to many of my long time friends who I spent very little time with, because I feel very strongly that this event is important to make sure the new members are welcomed and that they are comfortable with our club’s environment.

We now start our activities in earnest. You can see the schedule of events on our website – We sometimes have extemporary activities and will send you an email blast so make sure you have your updated email address to Earl Seiler (our Communications Director).

I recently attended the annual PCA President’s meeting. Nothing really earth shattering (as usual) which is good. Some bits of news: next years (2013) PCA Parade will be in Travis City, Michigan which should give us a easy travel to PCA’s largest event; this year’s (2012) Escape will be in Eureka Springs, Arkansas (11/18 to 11/11); this year’s P2O (now called Porsches to Ohio) has been moved from Oxford, Ohio to Granville, Ohio; PCA’s nation wide growth for last year was 3.5% — 2.6% growth for our zone (sorry I don’t have our regions growth rate, but I’m sure it’s higher than the zone growth – we are the second largest region in our zone. PCA will be sending our surveys to about 15% of the clubs membership. If you receive a survey, please take the time to complete it and return it to PCA. Many of the club’s decisions are based on the results of this survey.

This meeting was actually a two part meeting – with the second half of the meeting centered on our Driver Education events. Fortunately (for me) our Chief Instructor – Bruce Graham was able to attend. The biggest topic was the elimination (by PCA) of “Taste of the Track” rides. All regions in our zone were opposed to eliminating this activity. Some of the regions (and we were one that was going to implement this activity) were rides given to some of our “Wounded Warriors”. The reason given by PCA was that our insurance carrier did not want to take this risk. Tom Gorsuch (PCA”s national Treasurer) listened to our objections and said he would bring this subject up at their executive meeting. It is hoped that we can find a solution to this situation. I will keep you informed.

Again, I would like to encourage you to consider advertising in our first class, quality newsletter. If you are involved with a company or know someone who can benefit by advertising to an upscale demographic, please contact Paul Nickoloff.

I hope to see you at many of our upcoming events and business meetings – we need your input, suggestions and ideas.

From the President Apr 2012

Our 2012 season has begun with an extremely successful Mid-Winter party event. We had close to 200 members in attendance and Sandy and Bill Zilienski did an outstanding job of putting this on. We want to thank the Sewickley Car Store for hosting and sponsoring our function. I also want to thank Davis Kawalik for assisting me as the emcee. He made sure that I addressed all items and that our presentations were given to the correct people. He then took the mike and made sure everyone knew his birthday was forthcoming – so we sang Happy Birthday to him.

We also got to see the new 991 for the first time (at least to most of us) and it was not disappointing. Although it is larger it still keeps the lines of the original 911.

I was extremely pleased with the first issue of our newsletter headed by Iron Jack Purvis and Frank Buniciky. With the assistance of Paul Nickoloff and Rob Hoffman, our newsletter should be recognized as one of the best in PCA. Please note that with the upgrading of our newsletter, now is a great time to have your company or some company you know of to place an ad. Our newsletter has a great demographic and is read by over 1000 members.

Next up is our All-Member dinner. This function is to celebrate the new members and recognize those individuals that have done outstanding achievements for the club in 2010. I hope you new members remember the dinner is on the club and you will also receive meaningful welcome gifts.

We have scheduled a number of events this year and a calendar can be found on our website. In addition to our track events (which was mentioned in last month’s newsletter) we are planning a golf outing, two Wine and Shines (probably a Saki and Shine) and a picnic/dinner during our DE at BeaveRun.

We will also have our traditional drive and dinner (more party than dinner) in Hershey for the annual Porsche Only Swap Meet. We will have details on our website and an upcoming email blast.

Hope to see you at the All-Member Party and please contact me with your suggestions, ideas and input.

From the President Feb 2012

We are now officially in the 2012 ARPCA season. By the time you read this, our first event (MidWinter Party) has been completed. This is always great way to begin our year. We also had our first “unofficial” event of the year with a gathering of folks to the Double Wide restaurant in the South Side to “watch” the 24 hours of Daytona. Actually this was just an excuse to get our of the house and meet and converse with our friends. Once again I heard from some of the spouses that they really didn’t want to go because they weren’t into racing. Once you attend you’ll find out that the race is very secondary. When we left, I didn’t have a clue as to who was leading or anything else. But I did have a lot of great conversations.

Another first for us this year is our new Rundschau team comprised of co-editors Iron Jack Purvis and Frank Buniciky. Our creative and print staff of Paul Nickoloff and Rob Hoffman will insure the continued quality of our newsletter. Paul has also agreed to be our club representative to Auto Palace and take over the Advertising chair. I again want to thank Nancy Lowe for her tremendous efforts in making our newsletter one of the best in PCA. I also want to thank Gary Morgan for assisting Nancy. I’m sure you will notice some changes and I encourage you to provide input to insure a quality piece and to improve our efforts.

Last year as most of you know our major effort was to establish record attendance and the largest contribution ever to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. I am proud to say (again) these goals were accomplished. Now with the beginning of the New Year I want to re-establish our P-3 program (Porsche Project for Patriots). This program has been very successful for us (and the recipients) in the past. Next time you are in the Sewickley Car Store, please note the flags and plagues that have been presented to our organization. I am very proud of our efforts and members. If you have a relative or friend presently serving in Afghanistan, please contact our P-3 chair; Judi Seiler. Our contributions go directly to our military members and not through an outside organization.

Please note in our newsletter our 2012 event schedule (you can also see this on our website). We will have five Driver Education track events (two more than last year – with the July 4th event at Sears Point in West Virginia as well as a co-sponsored event with NOR and Nelson Ledges and our Car Control Clinic. We will have an added Auto Cross venue at BeaveRun (can’t remember the new name). Our next social event will be our All-Member dinner where we “officially” present our new members. This is always one of our most enjoyable dinners and I hope the new members take advantage of their free dinner (and prizes) and that we have a great turnout from our present members to assist in their initiation.
We will be looking forward to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in July and I am predicting (based upon last year’s efforts) that we will have 250 to 300 Porsches and will still have the most cars in the event. We are still looking for someone to chair this première event.

For those of you who are interested or may be in the area; the European Porsche Parade will be from June 6th to the 12th in Chantilly, France. Contact PCA for details.

Of course we will have our Wine and Shine and probably our Sake and Speed venues. Please contact us if you have any suggestions for other venues or come to one of our business meeting (usually held on the second Thursday of the month).

From the President 2011-Dec

As you can tell we are back from our three-week road trip: Pittsburgh-Laguna Seca-Seattle then home. In a word, it was fantastic. A road trip like this really gives you a perspective of how vast and great our country is. I documented our adventure and it will be presented in a series format – hope it doesn’t bore you.
While we were gone, we missed the annual brunch at Nemacolin, which was upsetting to us, because we really enjoy sitting and meeting with other Porsche folks and I believe the resort puts on one of the best quality fares that we have experienced. I want to thank Sandy Zielinski for chairing and putting up with all the trauma of managing such an event.
We also missed the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix check presentation. The PVGP was very proud that they were able to donate over $200,000 (a new record for them) to assist the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny School.
AND our club was able to raise $73,500 — another new record. We were represented by Greg Farrell and heard he did a terrific presentation.
Hats off to Suzanne Carlin for managing one of the most fun activities of the year – our fiftieth celebration.Most members were dressed in 50’s era outfits to go with our celebration. I have to say Louise went somewhat overboard and few recognized her at first glance. Our DJ, Charlie Apple, did a great job with the theme music.
Our PVGP efforts were outstanding – we had over 500 Porsches (a marque record) for the event as well as presenting the largest donation the PVGP has ever received.
Once again, I want to thank all those involved – it was a tremendous effort.
Now on to 2012. Our first official function of the year will be our annual Mid-Winter party. This year’s event will take place at the Sewickley Car Store on February 4th. On display for the first time (in Pittsburgh) will be the new 991 Carrera. It’s worth the effort to attend just to see Porsche’s new iteration of the classis Porsche. Bill and Sandy Zielinski will be chairing this event and I’m sure they would welcome any assistance – especially since this is one of our largest events of the year.
Our track planning meeting was convened with Dale Rabeneck chairing the meeting. In addition to our normal three Driver Education events and Car Control Clinic, we are planning at least one autocross day.
Rob Hoffman and Scott Mores are hoping to obtain assistance from experienced autocrossers. Please contact them with your ideas. We also hope to obtain another track date (possibly Summit Point) to fill out our track season.
Finally I want to thank Nancy Lowe for all her work and toil and editing our fantastic newsletter. It is a thankless job and I’m sure that I didn’t make it easy for her. I really want to enter our newsletter in PCA’s national contest. I truly think that we have an excellent chance of being recognized.
I know many of you are garaging your Porsches for the winter and are not looking forward to not being able to take out your “attitude adjuster”.
Let’s hope for an early spring.
Please contact me with your ideas, suggestions, and input.