A Car Control Clinic is a PERFECT opportunity to learn more about you and your car in a very safe environment. We will be using the Vehicle Dynamic Area (VDA) at PIRC to provide a complete educational experience! The Car Control Clinic is hands-on, in-car training that consists of a classroom discussion of vehicle dynamics and human dynamics followed by four hours of in-car instruction in accident avoidance and defensive driving maneuvers.

ARPCA conducts our Car Control Clinic at Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PIRC) – approx 20 minutes from Cranberry.

This year’s event is June 27, 2015. Registration: Here

The Clinic can teach students what typical driving schools can’t: what to do when something goes wrong in the car – and provide the opportunity to practice these maneuvers in a safe environment.

Drivers will use the VDA to learn and practice three key skills:

  1. Smooth steering on a Slalom course – Understand how to navigate your car smoothly through a set of cones. Recognize where you want your car to go. You will learn how to drive where the cones aren’t!
  2. Threshold Braking – Learn how to control your car in an emergency breaking situation. You will understand more about your car’s capabilities and how to manage them. Learn how to successfully maneuver around obstacles (just as if you have a deer in the headlights) while slowing your car.
  3. Skid-Pad Activities – Drive on a skid pad where you will have the opportunity to experience your car breaking traction and then learn how to regain traction in a safe environment. Feel the balance and learn how to steer your car with the throttle.

All types of vehicles are welcome! Bring your special vehicle or your daily driver.  In addition to Porsches, we have Audis, BMWs, Mazdas, Minis, Subarus as well as mini-vans

Running on the Skidpad

participate.  All that is required is that you have valid state inspection.

A bit Nervous? No worries.  Our club excels in making sure your experience is safe and enjoyable.  You will be paired with an experienced instructor who will be knowledgeable in driving your type of car.

This is a great opportunity for new drivers!