2011 Driver Education Events

Running at Watkins Glen

Run with us at some of America’s greatest tracks!

The 2011 season is here. Come and begin to experience what performance driving is all about. We’ll be managing 3 drivers education events on some North America’s most beautiful tracks. Events are Saturday & Sunday with a invitation only “lapping day” on Friday for instructors and highly experienced students. Supporting Material for Track events is here.

Again this year we will be partnering with the North East Region (NER) PCA running on two spetacular tracks in Canada.

A summary is below:

Location Date Student Cost Contact Register
Watkins Glen (NY) May 13 – 15 $405 Bob Nadin Completed
Calabogie (ON) July 7 – 9 $580 Mark Keefe clubregisteration.net
Mt. Tremblant (QE) July 11 – 13 $595 Mark Keefe clubregisteration.net
BeaveRun (PA) August 20 – 21 $380 Scott Mores Here
Mid-Ohio (OH) September 23 – 25 $395 Dale Rabeneck Here

Read about the tracks we will be visiting:

Watkins Glen (May 13-15)

Nicknamed “The Glen”, this track located near Watkins Glen, NY, at the southern tip of Seneca Lake. It is well known around the world as the home of the United States Grand Prix, which it hosted for 20 consecutive years and also has been home to road racing of nearly every class of racecar for over 50 years.
Track Information: WGI
Registration: Here
Event Chair: Bob Nadin
WGI Event Materials:here.

Watkins Glen Track Map

BeaveRun (Aug 20-21)

This relatively new facility just 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh International Airport is a welcome addition to the Western Pennsylvanian region. With it’s North Track, a 1.4 mile course and the Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA), 5+ acres of pavement for auto-crossing and car control BeaveRun caters to new drivers as well as seasoned professionals.
Track Information: BeaveRun
Registration: Here
Event Chair: Scott Mores
BeaveRun Event Materials:here.

BeaveRun Track Map

Mid-Ohio (Sept 23-25)

The Mid-Ohio road course is one of the great auto racing facilities and is nestled in the rolling hills of Lexington, OH. This 2.3 mile technical road course is enjoyed by both new as well as experienced drivers.
Track Information: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
Registration: Here
Event Chair: Dale Rabeneck
Mid-Ohio Event Materials:here.

Mid-Ohio Track Map

Come with us on a Canadian adventure

ARPCA is coordinating with the North East Region PCA (NERPCA) visits to two Canadian tracks in July. You can choose to attend one or both. Why not consider making this a bit of a vacation!

Calabogie Motorsports Park (July 7 – 9)

Approximately 5 hours northeast of Toronto Calabogie Motorsport Park has been recognized as one of the most aesthetically pleasing driving facilities in North America thanks to the proximity of its woodlands, its adherence to the natural topography of the site and the sheer drama of its course design.
Track Information: CMP
To Register: clubregisteration.net
For more Information, contact: Mark Keefe

Calabogie Track Map

Circuit Mont-Tremblant (July 11 – 13)

Located in one of the most gorgeous settings in the world for a race track the layout is a classic for racers. The track is bordered by Lake Moore and Devil River (La Diable). This 2.6 mile course was initially built in 1964 and hosted races for F1 and Champ Car. During the early 2000’s the track has been significantly upgraded. In the evenings you’ll also be able to enjoy music at a nearby Blues Festival.
Track Information: LCMT
To Register: clubregisteration.net
For more Information, contact: Mark Keefe

Mont Tremblant Track Map

All types of vehicles are welcome!

In addition to Porsches, we have Audis, BMWs, Corvettes, Lotuses, Mazdas, Minis, Subarus (just to name a few) come and participate. All that is required is that you have valid state inspection and a safety inspection completed by your local mechanic.

First time on Track?

First time? No worries. Our club excels in making sure your experience is safe and enjoyable. You will be paired with an instructor who will be knowledgeable in driving your type of car at speed. Your day will begin with a drivers meeting, move to classroom instruction and then out onto the track. We run rain or shine – many drivers find that running in the rain is just as enjoyable – the major difference is everything just happens at lower speeds. You will also need a SNELL 2005-rated helmet. All of this will be covered in the detailed student information packet that we’ll provide before the event.