From the President

I am EXTREMELY delighted to present our new website. We have wanted to do this for years but taking on a major overhaul with an all-volunteer staff proved to be an unachievable objective… so we contracted for some professional help. This new website was created through the joint effort of Dan Schwartz of Ninja Media Designs and several ARPCA volunteers who steered development and provided new and updated content: Paul Nickoloff, Rob Hoffman, Dale Rabeneck and Earl Seiler

For my first contribution, I thought I would bring you up to date on the latest developments under the topic of Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix “Stuff.”

The PVGP allows 200 cars to be on the parade lap(s). Unfortunately (in my opinion) we must share the space with the highlight cars – Shelby “based” cars. Therefore there are only less than 50 spaces left. So if you want to be in the parade lap; register now.

At the PVGP Waterfront show on July 19, we will have fifty parking spaces allotted to us. These spaces will be issued on a first come, first serve basis.

The donation envelope found in last month’s Rundshau is an opportunity to show our club’s support for the PVGP charities – Pittsburgh Autism Society and the Allegheny School. You may add extra monies ($25 automatically goes to the PVGP each day when you register) by using this envelope or you can add to the charities when you register on-line. Also you may have a friend or associate who would like to support our efforts, but does not have a specific car interest. Remember ALL contributions go directly to the PVGP charities.

The photos submitted for our 50th Anniversary/PVGP marque of the year calendar has been a great success and we can not accept any more photos at this time.

The PVGP has allocated a huge space in the park for our expected Porsche celebration. However there is no possible way that we can fit more than 500 cars in this space. Therefore those who have not pre-registered will park across Schenely Blvd. In our opinion this is the only fair way to handle a possible overflow. Suggestions are invited for a better solution.

Because of “technical difficulties” we had to cancel the proposed PCA Club Race at BeaveRun on the weekend of July 16th. HOWEVER, we are scheduling a Porsche-only race in it’s place for that weekend (just won’t be PCA-sanctioned). We do need additional racers. So if you have a competition license and a track Porsche (or know someone who does), please see the News item on this site for details or contact Steve Scholze with any specific questions (

We still need volunteers to assist us with our efforts – both in reaching our expected goals of 1000 Porsches at the park and raising $75,000 for the charities. We will also need volunteers at the event to assist with parking, registration and security.

Again I want to thank Paul, Rob, Dale and Earl for their superb efforts and welcome your comments and suggestion concerning our new website. kj