BeaveRun DE in August

ARPCA Drivers Education Series

Come run with us to BeaveRun!

Get ready for the ARPCA BeaveRun DE Event on August 20 & 21

The ARPCA Region would like to invite you join us at BeaveRun for another great weekend of Track Activities. This relatively new facility just 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh International Airport is a welcome addition to the Western Pennsylvanian region.

With its North Track, a 1.4 mile course and the Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA), 5+ acres of pavement for auto-crossing and car control BeaveRun caters to new drivers as well as seasoned professionals.

Our event will utilize both facilities. For newer students you will not only be running on the North Track as part of your standard run group activities you will also have classes on the VDA to refine car handling skills. These include Slalom and Stop, Avoidance and Skidpad exercises.

All types of vehicles are welcome!

In addition to Porsches, we have Audis, BMWs, Corvettes, Lotuses, Mazdas, Minis, Subarus (just to name a few) come and participate. All that is required is that you have valid state inspection and a safety inspection completed by your local mechanic.

First time on Track?

First time? No worries. Our club excels in making sure your experience is safe and enjoyable. You will be paired with an instructor who will be knowledgeable in driving your type of car at speed. Your day will begin with a drivers meeting, move to classroom instruction and then out onto the track. We run rain or shine – many drivers find that running in the rain is just as enjoyable – the major difference is everything just happens at lower speeds. You will also need a SNELL 2005-rated helmet. All of this will be covered in the detailed student information packet that we’ll provide before the event.

If you have questions or would like to discuss any aspect of our Events contact:

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