From the President

Fantastic is all I can say about our 2011 PVGP weekend as marque of the year and celebrating our 50th anniversary.

Over the weekend we had 502 Porsches in attendance (Saturday’s group plus the new cars on Sunday). According to our PCA representative – Tom Gorsuch (PCA Treasurer) this could be the largest display of Porsches ever for a single region.

For those of you who unfortunately couldn’t attend, we had Porsches from one end of the golf course to the other end. We had approximately 80+ 356’s thanks mostly to the efforts of Jolene Cicci.

We had cars from twelve states and Canada. There were Porsches from Connecticut, southern Florida and Colorado. We even had people come to our event from as far away as California.

With a scary beginning from a large thunderstorm early Saturday morning, it looked like our months of planning would be a disaster. We had Porsches everywhere; on the streets, parking areas, etc – everywhere except on the golf course. To make things worse all of Earl Seiler’s and his parking team’s Friday’s efforts were washed out by the storms. Once the gates to the park were opened; our club members met the challenge and were able to neatly park all of the 430+ Porsches on the golf course.

We had over forty volunteers assist us – many who volunteered at the park.

Suzanne Carlin sold over $6,000 in club and Porsche items, smashing her all time sales figure.

Our home theater raffle was a success and lucky Wade and Jane Anne Miller will soon have a very high end theater in their home.
We were honored to have representatives from Porsche Cars North America and PCA. I believe we overwhelmed them with our display. The Event Coordinator from PCNA that she was amazed at our efforts and couldn’t have done a better job herself – and that’s her job. We also had folks from both the Sewickley Car Store and Auto Palace with their displays.

Even with the soaring temperatures (especially on Saturday) and high humidity, most people stayed for the majority of the afternoons. I believe they just didn’t want to leave our venue with the record number of Porsches, racing in the streets and meeting new people from all over who had similar interests.

We have volumes of ARPCA people to thank and you’ll be hearing about them in future articles.

As of this writing, we do not have the final financial account obtained from our efforts. I will do so after we meet with PVGP. I couldn’t be more proud of our members with their work ethic and outstanding attitudes.