PVGP – What you Need to Know

PVGP Event Map

Basic information for Satruday’s event

  • When registration closes: Registration via PVGP web site closes on Thursday Register Here
  • When to Start Arriving: After 9:00 am Saturday morning
  • Arrive no later than: 10:30 am (concours cars) or 11:30 (all other cars)
  • Where to Enter:
    • Anniversary Display Cars: see information below!!!
    • All other cars: All vehicles must enter at the intersection of Forbes Avenue and Schenley Drive. Proceed on Schenley drive to the break in the fence on the left. This is the entrance for the European Cars.
  • What will happen next?: Volunteers will guide you into the proper parking area. Once parked, go to the registration tables and get your registration packet which will include everything you need/ordered.
  • Saturday Parking Layout

  • Where to Park?: We’ll be attempting to park cars in the following groups so it will help if you know what group you’ll be parking with and have a general idea of where that group will be located. Groupings include:
    • 356’s
    • Concours
    • Boxster/Cayman
    • 924/928/944/968 (front engine cars)
    • 911/912/996/997 (rear engine cars)
    • 914
    • Speicals/Replicas (356 Outaws / Beck 904 / 550’s etc.)
    • Cayenne
  • Support Vehicle Parking: There is no room for support vehicles and tow vehicles under the trees as in past years… they can be parked to rear of BMW/VW/Mini area after unloading. An exception to this is the Carlin vehicle that supports the Goodie Store inventory.
  • Parade Lap: Those who would like to enjoy the Schenley Park race course and show off their Porsche can do so on Sunday during the lunch break. The PVGP fee is $20. If you have already submitted your registration and would like to participate in this event, please send you fee to Ken Jeremiah – make check payable to ARPCA.
  • Donations: If you donate $50 (or more) you will receive a raffle ticket for the $14,000 Home Theater supplied by Goosebumps. If you have made a donation for less than $50 and want to increase your donation to the $50 level; you can do so by sending in your check to Ken Jeremiah. Please make the check out to ARPCA.

Porsche Anniversary Car Display Participants on Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anniversary Cars: On Saturday (June 23rd) we would like to have an example of Porsches from 1961 to 2011. If you would like to participate, please indicate by sending an email to Ken Jeremiah (carrera2s@consolidated.net). The Porsches in this venue will be selected on a first come, first serve basis.

Anniversary cars should NOT enter the European gate. They will be met by a guide with a green noodle who will give them directions to their staging area. Details are outilned below.

  • Each Porsche Anniversary Display Participant will enter Schenley Park at 5400 Forbes Avenue between 9:00 and 9:30 AM on Saturday, July 23, 2011. Click HERE for a detailed map of Schenley Park.
  • The participant will proceed down Schenley Drive and stop on the right side of the road across from the European Entrance. At this stop an ARPCA volunteer will confirm that the participant is an anniversary participant.
  • The participant will proceed down Schenley Drive to Tech Street. Turn right on Tech Street and travel 50 feet, then turn left onto Frew Street.
  • The participant will continue on Frew Street to the stop sign. At the stop sign, the participant will turn left and proceed to the staging area. An ARPCA volunteer will stage the participant.
  • At about 10:00 AM, when the track is cleared, the anniversary participants will enter the track under the supervision of the PVGP Race Committee Leadership. The participants will travel on the race track to turn 18 and exit onto East Circuit Road A PVGP representative will escort the participants to the European Entrance and continue where they will be positioned in their location.

Plan for the Porsche racers to visit the Marque of the Year (MOY) area during lunch on Saturday, July 23, 2011.

  • The racers must be assembled at the Starting Grid at 11.45 AM Saturday morning. Dr. William Swartz will have assistance from the ARPCA volunteers to assemble the Porsche race drivers. Click HERE for a detailed map of Schenley Park.
  • The Porsche race drivers will leave the grid and travel the race course to turn 9 at the Westinghouse Pond. They will exit the race course and be escorted by a PVGP representative up Schenley Drive and park on Schenley Drive adjacent to the MOY area.
  • The drivers will arrive at the MOY area at about 12:00 noon, and stay for 45 minutes.
  • At 12:45 PM the racers must leave the MOY area and drive up Schenley Drive to Darlington Road; turn right onto Darlington Road and then turn right onto race course turn 18. The racers will be escorted in one group by a PVGP representative.
  • At 1:00 PM the racers will re-enter the race course and return to the paddock area. Any racer that does not leave the MOY area at 12:45 PM will not be let on the track at 1:00 PM and may miss their opportunity for any afternoon sessions.