2012 Track Calendar Update

Bigger and Better in 2012

On Saturday Nov 26th we completed our first track planning meeting for the 2012 season. There are a number of really neat things we’re looking to add to our driving season.

Starting with the basics – we’ll be back at our standard three tracks. We’ve also confirmed a new event:

  • Watkins Glen – May 11 – 13
  • Summit Point – July 5 – 6
  • Beaver Run – August 25 – 26
  • Mid-Ohio – September 14 – 16

The date and location for the Car Control Clinic is not yet determined but we are targeting early June.

We will also be looking to add other new activities in 2012. We are exploring:

  • Nelson Ledges – Mid June
  • Autocrossing – Dates to be determined

As plans become more finalized we will continue to update this post.

See you at the track at 2012!