2012 Mid-Ohio DE

Running at Mid-Ohio

Come Run with us at Mid-Ohio!

Our final Drivers Education event of the season at Mid-Ohio held will be held on Saturday and Sunday, Sep 15 and 16. Sign up early, we’ve sold out this DE the last 5 years! We’re again limiting the number of students to 100. There will be a lapping day for experienced drivers on Friday, Sept 14th. We will be renting garages so you can hide from the elements – be it sun or rain!

The ARPCA is a very active group. In addition to the on-track activities we also have:

  • Dinner on Saturday at Bucks. You will enjoy yourself being able to relax with both old and new friends!
  • A “spouse auxiliary” that coordinates off-track activities to antique shops, flea markets and wineries.

Track Information

As you probably know, Mid-Ohio road course is one of the great auto racing facilities and is nestled in the rolling hills of Lexington, OH. The track opened as a 15-turn, 2.4 mile (3.86 km) road circuit run clockwise. The back portion of the track allows high speeds. A separate starting line is located on the backstretch to allow for safer rolling starts. The regular start/finish line is located on the pit straight. In 1990, the track underwent a refurbishment. A new retaining wall was built, the entire track was resurfaced, widened, and concrete was paved in the apexes of the turns to prevent asphalt deterioration. In addition, a straightaway was paved through the chicane, allowing for two different track layouts, the original 2.4-mile (3.9 km) circuit, and a new 13-turn, 2.258 mile (3.634 km) circuit. In 1990, the CART series began utilizing the 2.258-mile (3.634 km) layout. In 2006, a second major refurbishment saw several improvements. The entire circuit was repaved, and the concrete patches in the turn apexes were removed.

To register or for more information follow the links below: