From the President 2011-Dec

As you can tell we are back from our three-week road trip: Pittsburgh-Laguna Seca-Seattle then home. In a word, it was fantastic. A road trip like this really gives you a perspective of how vast and great our country is. I documented our adventure and it will be presented in a series format – hope it doesn’t bore you.
While we were gone, we missed the annual brunch at Nemacolin, which was upsetting to us, because we really enjoy sitting and meeting with other Porsche folks and I believe the resort puts on one of the best quality fares that we have experienced. I want to thank Sandy Zielinski for chairing and putting up with all the trauma of managing such an event.
We also missed the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix check presentation. The PVGP was very proud that they were able to donate over $200,000 (a new record for them) to assist the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny School.
AND our club was able to raise $73,500 — another new record. We were represented by Greg Farrell and heard he did a terrific presentation.
Hats off to Suzanne Carlin for managing one of the most fun activities of the year – our fiftieth celebration.Most members were dressed in 50’s era outfits to go with our celebration. I have to say Louise went somewhat overboard and few recognized her at first glance. Our DJ, Charlie Apple, did a great job with the theme music.
Our PVGP efforts were outstanding – we had over 500 Porsches (a marque record) for the event as well as presenting the largest donation the PVGP has ever received.
Once again, I want to thank all those involved – it was a tremendous effort.
Now on to 2012. Our first official function of the year will be our annual Mid-Winter party. This year’s event will take place at the Sewickley Car Store on February 4th. On display for the first time (in Pittsburgh) will be the new 991 Carrera. It’s worth the effort to attend just to see Porsche’s new iteration of the classis Porsche. Bill and Sandy Zielinski will be chairing this event and I’m sure they would welcome any assistance – especially since this is one of our largest events of the year.
Our track planning meeting was convened with Dale Rabeneck chairing the meeting. In addition to our normal three Driver Education events and Car Control Clinic, we are planning at least one autocross day.
Rob Hoffman and Scott Mores are hoping to obtain assistance from experienced autocrossers. Please contact them with your ideas. We also hope to obtain another track date (possibly Summit Point) to fill out our track season.
Finally I want to thank Nancy Lowe for all her work and toil and editing our fantastic newsletter. It is a thankless job and I’m sure that I didn’t make it easy for her. I really want to enter our newsletter in PCA’s national contest. I truly think that we have an excellent chance of being recognized.
I know many of you are garaging your Porsches for the winter and are not looking forward to not being able to take out your “attitude adjuster”.
Let’s hope for an early spring.
Please contact me with your ideas, suggestions, and input.