2012 All Member Dinner Registration

Please register for the 2012 All Member Dinner. This year, we will be holding the event at Atria’s Restaurant on the North Shore.

Atria’s Restaurant
103 Federal St
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5724
(412) 322-1850

Note: This is a 2 step process (There are two pages to fully complete the registration process).

  1. Page 1 – Base Registration Information (this starts in the section below labeled 2012 All Member Dinner)
    • In the first section you will be asked for your name (first & last), Email, Address & Phone. Note – you will be prompted on Page #2 for the names of additional people attending if you are registering more than one person.
    • If you are a new member (joined in the last 12 months) call Judy Seiler at (412) 823-4959 to receive the New Member Discount Code. Don’t worry! We can apply the discount code later if you want to complete the registration process now. We’ll just need to delay the payment process until the discount is applied.
    • In the Registration Fee section enter the number of people who will be attending (1 – 4).
    • Enter the Security Code. This helps to assure that “you are a real person.”
    • When all the data is correct enter Submit
  2. Page 2 – Registration confirmation and Additional Attendee names.
    • You will then be presented with the Order Summary. Review the information to make sure it is correct. If the new member discount was correctly applied you will see a -45.00 applied on the Coupon Line.
    • Lastly, we’ll ask for additional Attendee Names so we can make up name cards and tents for the tables.

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