Nelson Ledges Recap

3 Great days of Driving

Nelson Ledges DE just wrapped up. This event, managed in conjunction with the NOR and MOR regions was a sellout.

Friday’s 944Fest was well attended. There were people who traveled up from Georgia to participate.

The standard DE on Saturday & Sunday went very. The weather on Saturday was just beautiful. Warm and sunny. Saturday evening dinner was provided by Beechwood Porsche. Steaks and chicken were provided along with plenty of wine and beer.

Sunday was a bit different. While the initial weather forecast didn’t predict rain by 10:00 am we were dancing between the raindrops. As a result, I decided that it would be prudent to shift from slicks to street tires. Bob Nadin didn’t have the option (had only track tires) and ended up packing it in and heading back home. As luck would have it each time I went out on track the sun was out and the track was dry (good) but I was running on street tires (less good.)

Since it was fathers day we did have a number of families come to the track to spent time with the “fathers” who were running.

  • Gus Vasilakis had Christina and the kids at the track for both Saturday and Sunday
  • Timothy Hronek had Liz, the kids, grandparents and others attend Sunday afternoon

Great time was had by all.

Our next DE

Our next track event will be at Pitt Race in August. Unfortunately, we are not able to move forward with the Summit Point event this year. We’ll try again next year. Register at: