From The President July 2012

What a Porsche season so far and we’re not even half way through. We had a really busy Porsche weekend in June with our Car Control Clinic on Saturday and our first Auto Cross in many years on Sunday.
The Car Control Clinic was sold out. Louise and I were there and spoke to many of the participants and had nothing but great things to say – but the real test was the huge smiles on their faces. Thanks again to John Schrinker and his crew who do such a great job of organizing and running the event.
Even though, we weren’t able to attend, we heard great stories about our refound Auto Cross event. Rookies Rob Hoffman and Scott (with two T’s) organized our event even though they had never run in an auto cross – says something about their organizing skills. Their motivation was to put on a driving event so that members could test the performance of their Porsches without having to spend a lot of money. I heard that Scott Ishler was the fastest “rookie” of the day and he is known for his detailing skills.
Because of other conflicts, we didn’t get to run in our first rally of the year – bummer. But we did go to Frostberg to see everyone for lunch. Unfortunately (for us) our GPS decided to takes via the long scenic route and we got there jus as everyone was finishing their lunch. At least we were able to see many of the participants and heard the great stories of their adventures. Thanks to Iron Jack Purvis and Frank Bunicky another great event. We are going to make sure that we will not miss the next rally later in the season. They are really fun events and we have a good time.
This month’s (June) business meeting was outstanding (see Louise’s article) and I want to thank “Tiny T” Mattock for hosting the meeting. The meeting “finished” by 9:30pm, but the last of us left sometime after 11:00pm – hope your Porsche clock shows up soon.
I hope that more of you will attend out meeting — especially July’s since the will be the last of our meetings before the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.
Until then, please send me your input, suggestions and ideas.