2012 Mid-Ohio DE Recap

All types of cars run.

A wonderful weekend

Well, the weather gods have again been favorable. Only on Friday afternoon did we have rain. There were a few of us who spent time on the track taking advantage of this “opportunity.” This was way better than last year’s lapping day which was a complete wash out (I have some great pictures of driving in the fog).

This is a Family Affair

I’m amazed at the number of families that participated at the Mid-Ohio DE. Here is a list of who I can remember:

  • Bryant, Lori & Robert
  • Cely, Michael & Rafael
  • Clark, Casey & Chris
  • Edwards, Tom & William
  • Elste, Richard & Scott
  • Fish, David & Larry
  • Giaimo, Fred and Nancy
  • Gilfert, Ted & Una
  • Graham, Bruce & Cathy
  • Holst, Chip & Craig
  • Laffey, Michael & Brendan
  • Pryor, Ken & Larry
  • Rabeneck, Dale & Craig
  • Schrenker, Alan & John

In my book this is quite a testament to the enthusiasm and commitment that our participants have. We have encouraged our family members to embrace our passion. I encouraged my cousin, Craig to come up and “experience” his first track day at Mid-Ohio in 2010. After running 2 additional times at other tracks he decided to again come back with us at Mid-Ohio. He even dragged his dad (my uncle) to the track for a second time for 2 days of big smiles all around.

These people have found the fun and excitement of track activities – come out and give it a try. You might be surprised at how fun (and addictive) this sport can be!

I hope to see you at a 2013 track or autocross event. Stay safe and warm until then.