2013 Nomination Slate

The 2013 nomination slate has been finalized. The ARPCA Nominating Committee are excited. Here are your 2013 leaders. If you want to vote online you can here: 2013 ARPCA Election

The 2013 Slate

Office & Candidate


President – George Patterson Greetings ARPCAers! I’m George Patterson, and I’m on this year’s ballot to be your next President.I’m an 18 year ARPCA member and major German car enthusiast. I’ve been your Vice President for the past few years and have been honored and humbled to work with Ken Jeremiah as our President. Ken has truly taken our club to new levels of fun, involvement, inclusiveness and generosity. Among his accomplishments are having the club make the largest donation from a car club to the PVGP charities. In addition, under Ken’s direction, the club created the P3 program that sends goodie bags from home to our troops who have relatives or friends in the club.Along the way, I may have been your DE instructor or have paddled you during our very serious and secretive initiation ceremony. However we’ve crossed paths, I offer you my service as a dedicated club member. And if we haven’t crossed paths yet, let’s do it! The club has so diverse a list of events in which to participate that there is something for everyone.

My single goal is to carry on the exceptional work that has been done to date. We have a great club made of singular people who are there for you. We have great events that we enjoy and that can add joy into others’ lives. And of course, we have the cars. These marvelous machines that bring us together. I’m eager to keep the club rolling to new and exciting adventures.

Gute Fahrt*!


*German for Happy Motoring!!!

Vice President – Scott Ishler Though usually spending as much time wrenching and detailing his 997 C2S Cab as driving, Scott actively participates in numerous APRCA activities including: AX, Rally, PVGP and of course many social events. Scott and his wife, both ‘burgh natives, have a great sense of pride for our club but also feel they owe a debt of gratitude to it for the countless close personal friendships their cars helped foster over 7 years since joining PCA.Steadily increasing participation, Scott plans to become much more active by committing his time as our next Vice President. He would be honored by the opportunity to give back more and would very much appreciate your voice by welcoming all comments or suggestions to help make our club even better in 2013 and beyond.

Treasurer – Abbi Rabeneck

Abbi has been a member of PCA since 1993 (with a few year hiatus triggered by children.)  Abbi and her husband, Dale purchased their first 911 in 1991. Abbi currently has a 2006 Cayenne named Helga but is secretly pining for a red Tiptronic Boxster.  Helga is frequently pressed into service towing Dale’s 911 to and from track events.Abbi is a strong club proponent (her definition): she attends most business meetings, parties and track events.  She also is a frustrated accountant (meaning she does it for the club but no longer wants to do it for a living). Abbi is all about fiscal responsibility and champions that position at business meetings. Abbi has a strong belief in stewardship – the club should be in a better place when she is done serving than when she was elected treasurer.

Abbi requests that you support her efforts to continue as treasurer in 2013 for the Allegheny Region.

Secretary – Terri Mattock

Driving and golfing are two of my passions. I have always enjoyed driving and have had an interest in performance cars since my adolescent years, someday hoping to own one.My sons were with me when they spotted the Lapis Blue Metallic 911, and said that I needed to take a closer look at it. Once I drove the car, there was no turning back. I became a Porsche owner.

I soon joined the ARPCA and attended a few social events, where I have met many Porsche enthusiasts who have since become my friends. You can usually find me at most of the social events which take place ten months out of the year. And of course, I must drive “Sally” (a member dubbed her after seeing the movie Cars) the way she is meant to be driven at Driver’s Education Events and my new addiction with Autocross.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue as the ARPCA secretary and I am enthusiastic about seeing you at the meetings, social events, and the track.


Online Voting for 2013!

If you want to vote online you can here: 2013 ARPCA Election.   We are using our registration system  which supports registration for our Porsche Prom, Drivers Education Events, our Autocross Events, the Car Control Clinic as well as the PVP.  If you have not registered for one of these events using MSR there are a few questions that you will be asked to complete.    The questions only need to be answered the first time you register.  If you have any questions or concerns send a note to the ARPCA nominating committee chair, Judy Seiler:  jude424@verizon.net.

If you want to vote using a paper ballot please send your completed ballot no later than December 14, 2012 to:

 Judi Seiler
120 Larchwood Drive
Wilkins Township, PA  15145

We look forward to see you at 2013 events.