DE Instructor Training at PittRace

IMG_2771We were honored to have Pete Tremper (PCA DE Chairman) do a course for all of the incoming and new ARPCA DE instructors today at PittRace. The course started bright and early on a chilly March morning. With a sell-out crowd of over 50 participants registered. The course consisted of both driving and classroom sessions. The new Instructors were briefed on teaching, risk management, and role played with current PCA Instructors on what to expect from new DE students.


Thanks to Drake Core and Tim Hronek for organizing this event and the Chief Instructor Core of Paul Pigman, John Schrenker, Jim Gregory, and Steve Scholze. The 2013 season is really taking shape and promises to be one of the best years for our Track Program yet.

Check out the pictures from the days activities below.