Watkins Glen DE 2013

182226_4889577645581_212760136_n943358_4889576365549_81378883_nWhat better way to spend a father and son bonding weekend than driving our well-engineered German sports car on one of American’s most historic race tracks?

My father and I packed up our 944 Turbo in Pittsburgh, Pa early Friday afternoon to make our way to Watkins Glen, NY for the weekend. Even being jam packed with four Hoosier R6’s in the hatch, and the constant down pour through half of our trip Friday afternoon, not once did the grins escape our faces. We were about to experience our first time on the well-known Watkins Glen International Raceway. My father and I don’t have a lot of track time under our belts but knew from previous experiences at PIRC and Mid-Ohio DE events, that this was not a ARPCA event that we were going to miss.

We greatly appreciate the time everyone puts in, to have such a successful weekend! As we predicted, this drivers education experience was one we will never forget. The weather turned out to be pretty accommodating for what was anticipated, and as the day progressed, we were able to fine tune our “line” out on the track with the help of the knowledgeable instructors and staff. I can’t express how great of a learning experience ARPCA offers through these DE events and not to mention the friendly instructors as well as the other Porsche enthusiasts.

I encourage anyone and everyone to join the ARPCA in their next DE events. My father and I left Sunday afternoon with a lot more knowledge about what our car is capable of, enhanced driving skills and friendships that feel as if we have known these individuals our entire life.

~Mike Stark Jr.

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