2014 Club Officer Elections

The 2014 nomination slate for elected region management has been finalized and the committee proudly presents to you the following candidates for your consideration.  Please review a quick autobiography from each candidate and follow the link after all candidates to cast your ballot.

The 2014 Slate

Office & Candidate


President – George Patterson Greetings ARPCAers! George Patterson, your faithful President here. Want to thank you for the past year of support, friendship and great cars. It’s been my honor to be your President. We’ve accomplished a lot in the past year. Several new people have stepped up to new positions and brought new events to the club. Our charities, both old and new have made positive impact in people’s lives. Our publications have never looked better. Our finances are in order. Most importantly, while we’ve explored new kinds of events, both social and driving, there have been more club members coming out and mingling with each other. And isn’t that why we do this? There is such a wealth of great people in this club…Again, I’m on this year’s ballot to be your President. Next year will mark my 20th as an ARPCA member. Each President I’ve seen has accomplished a great deal for the club. My goal is to continue what we’ve begun this year and build upon it for next year. I’ve met a lot of new members this past year and plan to meet more at each event. However we’ve crossed paths, I offer you my service as a dedicated club member. And if we haven’t crossed paths yet, let’s do it! In this club, every member counts. We have a unique club made of wonderful people. We have singular events that we enjoy together and that can add joy into others’ lives. And of course, we have the cars. These marvelous machines that bring us together. I’m eager to keep the club rolling to new and exciting adventures. Gute Fahrt! George
Vice President – Scott Ishler Though I spend near equal amounts of time maintaining my 997 C2S Cab as I do driving, I actively participate in most every facet of APRCA activities including: AX, DE, Rally, PVGP, and of course social.  In 2013 I also proudly served as Vice President!  My wife and I, both ‘burgh natives, have a great sense of pride for our club and owe a debt of gratitude for the countless close personal friendships our P-cars helped foster over the 8 plus years since joining PCA.I have enjoyed serving as VP this year and hope you’ve enjoyed having me.  Likewise, I would be honored by the opportunity to serve again in 2014.  The club leadership needs and appreciates your voice and, as always, welcomes any comments or suggestions helping make our club even better in 2014 and beyond. -Scott

Treasurer – Beth Core

Beth Core

First and foremost, I would like to thank Abbi Rabeneck for her dedication to ARPCA for so many years and for serving as Treasurer.  It is quite obvious I had some pretty big shoes to fill!  I was appointed to the position of Treasurer when Abbi and Dale moved out of the region.  It has been my pleasure and honor to serve as the appointed treasurer for the past several months.For those of you that I haven’t had the pleasure to meet, here is a little information about me.  My husband, Drake, and I have been ARPCA members since 1991.  We’ve been active with DE events for the past several years.  I’ve had the pleasure to meet many members over the years at the DE events and most recently at the business meetings.  Drake and I, along with Drake’s brother, work together in the family business.  I handle the bookkeeping, HR, legal & insurance issues for our family business.  Prior to joining the family business, I was an assistant buyer and merchandise planner for American Eagle Outfitters.  My passions are traveling and skiing.  Drake has always been the Porsche enthusiast in our family but I was fortunate enough to buy my very own Porsche last year and I enjoy every minute behind the wheel.I look forward to continue to serve as the ARPCA Treasurer and ask for you support!

Secretary – Susan Crickenberger

Susan Cickenberger

Hello ARPCA members!  Along with my car enthusiast husband, Justin, and daughter, Madison, we are excited to be new members of the ARPCA.  Although an unlikely nominee for Secretary, I will be happy to serve as Secretary.  We made the move to Pittsburgh exactly one year ago and have been happy about our decision.  Meeting great folks like you have certainly helped our transition.  Aside from the time I spend supporting my husband’s car passions and being the best mom I can be to our one year old daughter, I am also the Head of Global Learning & Development for Heinz (yep, as in Heinz Ketchup).  When I had spare time and when I happen to find some now I enjoy photography (our daughter and Porsche both make great subjects) and painting – mostly acrylic or watercolor.  Again, I am happy to be a part of the ARPCA and will hope to serve you all well in the role of Secretary or any other capacity.  All the Best!  – Susan  


Online Voting for 2014!

Vote online thru Dec 11 by clicking here

We are using our MotorSport Reg (MSR) system  which supports registration for most of our club activities including Drivers Education Events, Autocross, Car Control Clinic, PVGP and many Social functions.  If you have not registered for one of these events using MSR there are a few questions that you will be asked to complete.    The questions only need to be answered the first time you register and be sure to supply your 10-digit PCA Membership to validate your vote.  If you have any questions or concerns send a note to the ARPCA nominating committee chair, Judi Seiler via Email Here

If you have technical issues requiring you to vote using a paper ballot… please print this page and circle your nominee, or write in candidate next to each officer position.  Your ballot then must be signed, notarized, contain your 10-digit PCA membership number and be sent for arrival no later than December 10, 2013 to:

We look forward to a great 2014 with your participation!