From the President October 2013

The leaves are turning…  BUT!  There are still many good driving days left this year!  After a very busy summer Porsche season, we now have the best time of year to drive our cars…  What?!?  That’s right…  With the fall foliage in full bloom, there is no better time than right now to get your P-Car out and on the road…  Fortunately, we have several cool events for you to do so.

As I sit to write this, I think about all the people in the club and the conversations I’ve had over the years about their cars, their motivations to buy their cars, how they’ve updated them etc.  Then the conversations typically move to their favorite Porsche.  Everyone has one…  Mine is the 1998 Le Mans winning GT1.  The spectrum of peoples’ favorites is broad and interesting.  As I was looking at the P-Cars parked at the Make-A-Wish event at Rivertowne Brewing on 9.15 [thanks again Rob Hoffman for putting that together], I thought to myself, “they are ALL cool.”  Each Porsche has its own cool factor.  From a simple 356 to a new GT3, each car has its own reason for being in the Porsche lineage.  One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Porsche himself:

I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.
Ferdinand Porsche

Speaking of the new GT3, I just read a review in the Top Gear UK magazine…  This car is something of a revolution vs. an evolution in their story.  The most discussed element being the 4-letters that make a purist cringe: P N R D.  Yes, an automatic transmission.  No more rowing of gears.  As I’d mentioned before, I was a bit of a doubting Thomas when I first heard about this.  Then I took a Panamera GTS with PDK [double clutch – auto] around the track and became a believer soon thereafter…  Having a normally aspirated engine with power that used to only be in tweaked turbo territory, 4-wheel steering, physics-defying brakes and a myriad of new bits, this car truly states its case with no apologies.  As the TG article states, “Car companies rarely thrive by looking backwards for inspiration…”  Can’t wait to see the GT3RS…

Events in September were numerous and varied…  We had a great business meeting at Auto Palace [Thanks to Aaron and Debbie!].  Auto Palace also had a new Panamera cocktail party which was top-drawer per usual.  The previously-mentioned event at Rivertowne Brewing was well attended and raised some good $$$ for Make-A-Wish.  The Mid-Ohio Drivers Education event was a sell-out and despite some challenging weather, the attendees all had a terrific experience.  Congrats to Dr. John and his team on a successful event and a stellar track year.  AutoX #4 happened at month’s end to an enthusiastic crowd.  So impressed with our team who brought back AutoX to ARPCA.  Well done Gents!  Also, a young man whom the club has known since he was a kid shadowing his dad at track events, Alan Schrenker, got married on the 28th of September.  Congratulations!!!

October has a full dance card as well.  We kick off with on the 5th a Concours at the Grand Concourse in Station Square.  The judging of cars will simply be people’s choice [no Q-Tips in the wheel wells required…]  Business meeting will happen on the 10th at the Clark’s ‘shed.’  This is an automotive Eden…  Please come as Chuck and Melinda are extraordinary hosts.  After we drool on their cars, we will attend to our club’s business.  AGAIN, ALL ARE WELCOME.  PLEASE COME BY AND BE COUNTED!!!  Two days later on the 12th, we’ll have our Fall Road Rallye.  I guarantee awesome weather and a fantastic time.  THIS is one of the prettiest times of year to get out in your P-Car [didn’t he already say that?!?].  AutoX #5 will happen at the Consol Park on the 19th.  Never too late to give this unique form of motorsport a try [seriously, you won’t hurt your car…].  A bit of OktoberFest will occur immediately following the AutoX.  We then have the PVGP check presentation at the Allegheny Valley School on the 24th at 7p.  As always, our club will make a generous contribution because of the membership’s support.  To learn more a/o sign up for the aforementioned events, please go to our web site and get involved…

Our P3 [Porsche Program for Patriots] donations keep flowing.  Thanks to ALL who enable the club to send a bit of home in a care package to the brave men and women who fight to keep our country free.  Michael Coyne has taken this program to new levels in finding new and deserving recipients – all of whom have ties to our club.  If you know someone in the military who’d like to receive a care package, just let me know.

A couple things to consider for you future calendar…  On January 25-26, the 24 Hour race at Daytona takes place.  Over the years, we’ve had a contingent of ARPCA folk heading south to watch.  This year will be unique with the unification of the American Le Mans series and the Grand-Am series…  It’s a nice time of year to go to Florida and not have to shovel snow…  In June, Porsche returns to Le Mans with a full factory effort.  That is an amazing trip as well…  Any takers?  The Discovery Channel’s 4-part series on Patrick Dempsey’s quest to get to and race at Le Mans is fantastic.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s available on-demand.  Ron Howard’s F1 movie, Rush, is awesome…  Finally, Kimi is going back to Ferrari.  That will be fun to watch next year…

So many events.  So many good times to happen.  I want to see you there.  And I want to see your articles in this publication!  It truly is a great club that we have.  Please engage in it and come out to play.  Thanks for all who make our club great & GUTE FAHRT!!!


“Velocity” translates as ” Geschwindigkeit “