2013 Holiday Cocktail Party Recap

Thank you to George and Scott for arranging the 2013 Holiday Party at the Double Wide restaurant in Cranberry. The event was attended by 56 pre-registered members and five walk-ins. Our club, through the generosity of the members raised well over $1,000 for the UPMC Children’s Hospital Child Advocacy Center 2013 Toy Drive.

New friendships were born and old ones bonded closer together. The auction and mystery prize raffle were a huge success. A collection of outstanding Porsche memorabilia was auctioned. Kudos to those who donated these fine treasures! An impressive slideshow of the Year in Review was assembled by Rob Hoffman. Once the show began, all members stood still (you could hear a pin drop) as we waited quietly in anticipation of each slide. In looking at the pictures, it brought us back to the memories of the year and reminds us how fortunate we are to have this club and the members within it. Many thanks to those who attended and contributed to our charity.

God Bless the Porsche Club Family through the holiday season.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa M.

PS – If you have not checked it out yet, see the 2013 ARPCA Year in Review video Rob put together here: 2013 ARPCA Year In Review Video