DE Supporting Materials

Pitt Race Turn 7

Pitt Race Turn 7

This area includes links to information and materials to help you prepare for DE. The sections below provide general information as well as specific details for each of the driving events. Sections will be updated with specific details before each  event as needed.  

ARPCA DE Forms and Links

  • Safety & Tech Inspection Form: 2015 Safety & Tech Form – Used for all DE events, including a requirement to read the information in the “Safety Requirements”. This form is being updated for 2016!
  • Safety Requirements – Please Read the following safety requirements for 2016!  (The safety requirements will be posted by January 31, 2016.)


  • ARPCA DE Novice Primer:  ARPCA DE Primer – Designed for those new to drivers education.  Explains what to expect and how to prepare for a DE.
  • Article – Why not DE?: Why NOT do a Drivers Education [DE]? An article by one of our Chief Instructors, Ralph Gaudio, providing great insight. Very worthwhile reading…


Other Interesting Materials Supporting your on-track habit

  • Driver Training Manual: Drivers Training Manual – Developed by Porsche Owners Club (POC), is a VERY GOOD document. If this is your first DE (or you are looking to improve your driving capabilities) take time to review!
  • Racing Equipment (including Helmets): Apex Performance – Apex Performance has been a strong supporter of ARPCA. This year SA 2005 helmets are no longer allowed – Do not show up with a SA2005 or you will not be allowed to run.
  • HPDE Insurance: High Performance Drivers Eduction Insurance – offered by Lockton Affinity. Most standard insurance policies do not cover on-track incidents. Not all tracks covered. Check for specific availability.
  • Wheel – Tire Size Calc: Wheel / Tire Calculator – Tool helps determine wheel/tire fitment.
  • Ultimate Speed Secrets: High Performance Driving Book Book from Ross Bentley on performance driving.
  • Track Videos: Hooked on Driving Videos This “for profit” drivers education organization has published a set of videos. There are a number you can review in preparation for your first DE – or – just to get the “driving juices” flowing.

Watch what it’s like to do a DE here:

2015 PittRace Full Track Simulator: