Narcisi Ladies Only Event Recap

Old man winter smiled upon the First Ladies Only event held at Narcisi Winery, Gibsonia, PA.  The winery is nestled within the beautiful rolling hills of Western PA and as you approach the entrance, the winery will draw you back to a setting reminiscent of a Tuscan villa, where time and worries dissolve into the countryside.  The owner, Denny Narcisi gave us the tour of the winery.

We learned about the art and science that goes into the making of this nectar of the Gods.

Denny’s passion and extreme knowledge gave us a better understanding of the labor of love that goes into each bottle of fine wine at the Narcisi Winery.

Denny began learning how to make wine when he was five years of age.  We learned how they pick, clean and crush the grapes.  Their equipment is direct from Italy.  The wine room is kept at a constant temperate of 60 degrees.

They grow about three percent of their grapes onsite.  The remainder of grapes are grown in northern Pennsylvania on relatives vineyards.

Eleven women attended the event which included a private tasting of several wines and included a special sneak preview of this year’s noret which is superb!  The food was exquisite…We started with an Antipasto Platter of imported meats and cheeses.  For lunch some had the Shrimp & Lobster Arrabbiatta and many had the lobster Mac ‘N Cheese which is simply divine!

We learned that a “punt” is more than a football term.  The punt is the indent in wine bottles for the purpose of holding the bottle upside down to pour.

This inaugural event for the women of the Porsche club has set the table for more delicious and enchanting events in months to come.