PVGP UPDATE – Sunday 7:00AM


Greetings Fellow PVGP Porsche People-

After a crazy start to the event yesterday with bad weather, today looks to be much better. One thing I noticed was even with the rain, mud and delays, not a single Porsche melted! We actually ended up with a fairly strong turnout all things considered! Thank you for braving the elements and coming out!


For those who missed it, we did not get onto the lawn until almost noon. Mercifully, the rain stopped for lunch and awards, then back it came around 3pm.

Today looks to be much better, but we may get misted upon from time to time. Anyway, here’s the update:

  • If you pre-registered for both days, see you there today and everything will be as normal, but you cannot use your lunch band from yesterday (yellow). Orange lunch bands only today. Also, you can use only one door prize ticket today (if you did not use one yesterday).
  • If you pre-registered yesterday only but did not come down, come down today! You can use your lunch bands today  – your yellow band will be accepted, as will your door prize ticket in the door prize can.
  • If you pre-registered for yesterday but not for today, and you did come down and sign in yesterday, then if you wish to come back today and particpate in the things that were postponed (raffle, Top 10 People’s Choice), please feel free to do so, but you will need to register as a walk on which is $30, and lunch bands will be sold separately at $20 per band.
THE LUNCH BANDS ARE ON HONOR SYSTEM AT THIS POINT, and please be sensitive of our situation with planning (and paying for) food for today.
See you anytime after 9:30am unless updated further above.
Ed Rice
PVGP Chair