2015 Club Officer Elections

The 2015 nomination slate for elected region management has been finalized and the committee (Larry Collins) proudly presents to you the following candidates for your consideration.  Please review a quick autobiography from each candidate and follow the link after all candidates to cast your ballot.

The 2015 Officer Slate

Office & Candidate


President George Patterson Porsche People – I’m both excited and energized to be running for office of President. The past 2 years have gone by quickly. In that time, the club has accomplished a great deal. The most important is our element of inclusion. There is no person or no idea that goes unheard. We see new people at every event. More importantly, we see them again at other events. We have new events on the calendar [think: Opera, Ladies-Only, Touring Crew, Grand Concourse Concours etc.]. Our Driving events have never been better. 2015 will have 4 Driver Education Events and 3 AutoCross events. The website, email info-blasts and Rundschau are fantastic. Financially we are stable and have given more to charities each year. All that said, if you’ll have me for another year, I’d be honored to represent you as your club President. Finally, sincere thanks to ALL who make our events happen. It’s a great club. Thank you again. George
Vice President Tony SciulloTony Sciullo
Hello ARPCA members, I’m honored to be nominated as your next Vice Pres ,…Wow, humbling to say the least. I’ve been an avid member for almost 4years now and I’ve attended the majority of the board meetings in the last year. I’ve taken an active role in a number of club functions, foremost of which would be the PVGP. I’m on my 3rd Porsche (two currently), and I’m always planning my next Porsche. I’ve been a sports car guy all my life and I regard the Porsche as the nexus of practical and exotic . In other words the pinnacle of practical power and performance! So before this denigrates into some type of urban poetry , let me just say I’m well equipped with broad board experience and true passion for all things Porsche. Thank you for all of your consideration for this role .
– Tony Sciullo


Beth Core

Beth Core

Serving as Treasurer for ARPCA for the past year has flown by!  It has been a very successful year for the club and is positioned well to start a financially healthy 2015.  The event coordinators for the social events and the tracks events have done a great job keeping the events self-supportive financially and well attended.  That combination keeps our account healthy so that we can plan for a successful 2015.  I enjoyed serving as the Treasurer and thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people along the way.  Your support is greatly appreciated and I would be honored to serve as Treasurer in the upcoming year.


Scott Mores


” anyone is better than me”– S’Mores aka “Fun Scott”


Online Voting for 2015!

Vote online thru Dec 10 by clicking here

We are using our MotorSport Reg (MSR) system  which supports registration for most of our club activities including Drivers Education Events, Autocross, Car Control Clinic, PVGP and many Social functions.  If you have not registered for one of these events using MSR there are a few questions that you will be asked to complete.    The questions only need to be answered the first time you register and be sure to supply your 10-digit PCA Membership to validate your vote.  If you have any questions or concerns send a note to the ARPCA nominating committee chair, Larry Collins via Email Here

We look forward to a great 2015 with your participation!