PVGP – Final Info 2015 – It’s Here!

It’s that time… PVPG is here! 

Thank you for registering for ARPCA’s 2015 PVPG Party in Schenley Park which will be one for the history books!  Earlier this AM an undercover team snuck into the Rock Hall of Fame in the mistake by the lake and drove off with (shhh….):

When you see Tom M. in the park tomorrow, thank him profusely (but coyly to not expose his identity) for leading ARPCA’s Seal Team 356.

Quick spots about 2015 PVGP… as promised weather is shaping up to make this the hottest weekend of year… 3H’s for Sat and heat index of ~100F on Sunday!  Because it’s a golf course, it’ll feel about +10F warmer!  So, prepare to stay hydrated in the park and don’t forget your shades, sunscreen, walking shoes, hat and a lawn chair to enjoy and cheer on the contingency of ARPCAers racing this weekend!



  • Parking officially opens 9:30AM and all cars should be in place by 11:00AM.  Show officially runs until 4PM or the beer runs out… since we’re ‘burghers, that’ll definitely not happen until AFTER 4PM.
  • Entrance is at top of Schenley Drive where it intersects Forbes Ave in Squirrel Hill.
  • Volunteers will direct you to proceed down Schenley Drive.
  • Use GATE E – (map here) Look for, say hello and thank Eugene Williams and Mark Sheldon at entrance gate to German Hill.
  • Once on course ARPCA volunteers in tie-dye shirts w/ colorful pool noodles will direct you.
  • Once parked, proceed to registration table/tent for your packet.
  • Registration Packets – along w/ commemorative program, agenda, wristbands, dash placard, dash plaque, door prize ticket (one each day you are registered for), and concours ballot are two thank you gifts.  To stave off many questions later… know one has a battery stop.  Just unscrew top remove it and you’ll be all set.
  • Catered lunch – Begins Noon-ish.  Wristbands (Yellow for Sat – Orange for Sun) are included in your registration packet.  Shortly after lunch will be door prizes, raffle prizes, Concours Winners, etc.
  • Concours – Brian Strohmeier is again running his wildly popular “People’s Choice Concours”.  Everyone registered for Saturday is entered and gets a vote!  Your ballot (brightly colored 3×4” piece of paper) is inside your registration packet.  Find your 5 favorite Porsches on the green and put their Car # on ballot.  Turn all ballots back in to registration table by 12 NOON.  Brian is quoted as saying last night “envelopes full of cash are welcomed and encouraged!”
  • RAFFLES – To help raise additional charity $ this year, Len Richards is again running the raffle table w/ goodies from generous club sponsors.  Swing by w/ a donation for an arms length of tickets for chances to win some cool stuff like: HiFi speakers, Kitchen Aide Blender, Joplin Framed Ablum / Cover, Photographic Canvas Art, etc.  These items have been generously donated by club sponsors in no particular order: Goosebumps, Don’s Appliance, Classic Album Covers, Matthew Little Photography, Almart, Giant Eagle and a few more I’m probably remiss not mentioning right now.  Let’s all support them as they do us!    
  • Door Prizes – As allways, a door prize ticket for each day registered are in your packet – blue or red.  Put correct color for day in bucket to win.

Phew – that’s a lot…  Sunday is repeat of above, just no concours or raffle.  Oh, and on small final note:

*** WEATHER – WEATHER – WEATHER ***  – In the highly unlikely event [cough – last year – cough] there are any weather ‘events’ delaying our party or our entrance to golf course, we will post updates until all flags are green at TOP OF EACH HOUR (minimum with time stamp) STARTING 6AM Sat & Sun on ARPCA’s website:  www.arpca.comEMAILS WILL NOT be sent – Check website for latest info.

As always, we appreciate your support and patience of this PVGP Charity Event staffed by volunteers!

See you at the races!

~ Ed Rice, ARPCA PVGP Chair


PS – Stop out at DoubleWide Grille – Mars, PA this evening for some Porsche Car-maraderie – it’s our 3rd Annual PVGP Welcome Party for out-of-towners!