An Important Message From the ARPCA President – May 2020

President’s Message:

Greetings Members – It has been awhile since the last update. Now that we are well into month 2 of the fall-out from the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic, I’m guessing that many of you are feeling quite antsy and are looking forward to when we can reemerge into our more normal lives. None of us really know what the new normal will be, but I am confident that at least from the Club perspective, we will be able to gather and enjoy each others’ company and our Porsches.

Again, above and beyond everything else we do, Member safety and well-being continues to be and remains paramount. All of our decisions hold to that as the first priority. Further, we are bound by the decisions made by our representatives in government.

Thus, based on the current state of affairs, I am extending the suspension of all Club activities that involve personal gatherings through the end of May. All is not lost though, as we still have our Club meetings handled via teleconference and video conference – look for details coming soon. Also, PCA continues to offer excellent online activities like Sim Racing. Watch your mailbox for updates and fun “virtual” things to do.

As to events beyond May, we still have the PVGP and the Pitt Race DE on the calendar in July and early August. My greatest hope is that these events will go forward as planned, at least in some form. I am also hopeful that activities like the Porsche Touring Crew (PTC) and Porsches at the Lot will be able to resume in June, but of course we will need to wait and see; we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Ed Rice,

May 2, 2020