An Important Message From the ARPCA President – June 2020

President’s Message

Greetings Fellow Club Members. Well it is finally here – we are, locally within our Region, largely moving to the “green” status with respect to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Except for Beaver and Erie Counties, all other places in Western PA will be in green. This is indeed good news, since we are able to again resume many of our activities, depending of course, on the availability of the places where we would hold them. This also means we can again hold our monthly meetings in person. Our next one, on June 11th, will be at Fowler Automotive Street and Track Co (FASTCO), a great place for our meetings with lots of cool cars. I have missed sitting down face to face with you at the meetings and other events, and listening to your stories of your Porsches and other life events. The connections are important, and the pandemic really drove this point home for me.

We can also start to think about when/where to have our much delayed All Member Dinner. I think a big blow-out is in order (although we are still subject to a 250 maximum gathering limit). We can also once again enjoy Club car gatherings like the ever popular Porsches at the Lot, the Porsche Touring Crew (PTC), and other Club activities. Watch your feed or the website for future tech sessions as well.

Unfortunately, like all other aspects of the virus, we are not left unscathed. Some of our most cherished events are cancelled. Chief among them is this year’s Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. There is still hope that the PVGP will hold the waterfront car cruise at the Homestead Water Works area. Also, I think Jay Malobicky, our PVGP Club Chair will still hold some special driving and car show events throughout the season to raise funds for the PVGP charities. More on this to follow. Similarly, the Club DE program has been curtailed.  Watch for upcoming announcements from Track Chair Carol Neal.

Even though our world is once again going “green”, we are still subject to following the CDC COVID-19 guidelines. If you feel sick, stay home. Wash your hands often, consider wearing a mask when gathering, and maintain social distancing. If you do not feel comfortable with crowds yet, there are still fun online activities offered through the PCA, like SIM Racing. There is something for all of us.

So wash those Porsches and get ready to start again enjoying the camaraderie with your fellow Club members!

Ed Rice, President

June 4, 2020