ARPCA Joins With PittRace to Offer Defensive Driving Program

by Jack Neff, TVC Program Chief Instructor

Do you have a new driver in your family? PittRace, along with ARPCA, offers a TVC (total vehicle control) program nearly every month for new or experienced drivers looking to improve their defensive driving skills. This program takes place on PittRace’s north track at real highway speeds. The class includes panic stops, threshold braking, skid pad, slalom, swerve to avoid last minute obstacles — all in your car! Best of all, ARPCA will subsidize $100 of the $250 individual cost for ARPCA members and family. Upon completion of PittRace’s TVC class, by yourself or a family member (spouse, son, daughter, grandchild), the participant will receive a certificate of completion. Send an email containing a photo of the certificate, the participant’s relationship, and your active PCA membership# to: for your $100 rebate via check.

TVC upcoming dates:

October        28        3:00-7:00

November    21        9:00-1:00

December     19         9:00-1:00

This is what the Karet brothers had to say about the July TVC class:

“Not only did I learn a ton, I feel I’m a more competent driver. The course was a lot of fun as well.” Will Karet.

“I really enjoyed the TVC class, it really helped my driving ability. I could see my progression from the start of the clinic to the end of the day. Thanks a lot!” Charlie Karet.