PVGP 2020 – Parade Laps

2020 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix – by Ed Rice

Sorry folks – I cannot do it. I simply cannot have a summer go by without having some sort of Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix activity! I know this year’s event was effectively cancelled due to the Corona virus, but there are still some things we can do to celebrate what is our Club’s single biggest social and charitable event each year.

On Sunday, July 26th, we would have been parking on the lawn for Day 2 of the PVGP at Schenley Park. This year, that day is going to be a quiet, uneventful Sunday morning.  Many will go to services or enjoy breakfast out on the back deck and listen to the birds.

I on the other hand, plan to drive down to Schenley Park, and do an informal “parade lap” or two around the road course. I will be in Blumaxx – my special 1978 928, which has its own great music out the back pipes. There won’t be any traffic at all at 9 am that morning. There never is through the Park then, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have the road to myself. I even plan to write a $100 check to the PVGP. Just me, my car, and a check to think about this great event and the charities it supports.

Who wants to join me? What about you? You would have been there anyway in a normal year. And you would have probably written a bigger check.

So here’s what I’ll do: at around 9 am on Sunday morning, July 26, I will pull up to Schenley Drive at the gate in the fence where we normally come in (halfway down the hill). I’ll park along the road and wait a bit to see who joins me. At 9:30 am, I’m pulling out and heading to the “track” portion of the road, where I’ll do a few “laps”. I sure hope some others from the Club join me.

And as to the PVGP charities, kids still have autism, and people with special needs still have those needs – the virus does not care, but we do! I know this damn virus is a great challenge to us, but I think there is still much we can do for our members and the community, and still have fun. Please bring along a check in the amount of $50 or $100 or whatever to do parade laps with me (payable to ARPCA). Let’s have ARPCA once again make a statement to ourselves and our community!