Support a fellow ARPCA member’s effort to raise money for Operation Motorsport

Dave Palmer, ARPCA Chief Driving Instructor and PCA Sim Racer is a member of the two-driver ARPCA Daves team competing in a three-hour virtual race at Le Mans, on Sunday, 30 May. Dave Kraige, an HPDE instructor for our region completes the team.  PCA Sim Racing supports Operation Motorsport, a 501(c)3 Non-profit whose mission is to: “To engage, through Motorsport opportunities, ill, injured, and wounded Service Members and disabled Veterans, affected by military service, leading to aiding in their recovery and rehabilitation.”

You may sponsor the ARPCA Daves by donating a fixed amount of your choosing, or by pledging a certain amount for each lap completed (The winner is expected to complete approximately 60 laps). The race will be broadcast live on Sunday, 30 May, at 7:00pm on the PCA Sim Racing YouTube channel, and the link to it is:

The secure link to donate is: Click on Pledge Now, and the site will walk you through the donation process.

Thank you so much, not only for supporting a great cause, but also for making sure that ARPCA will be towards the “front of the grid” in terms of funds raised.

David Palmer
ARPCA – Chief Driving Instructor
PCA Sim Racing Steering Committee & Zone Group 2 & 4 Coordinator