RECAP PTC Wooden Angel Follow Up

On September 27th 27 members and 2 additional guests of the ARPCA Porsche touring crew descended on The Wooden Angel Restaurant in Beaver, PA. At 11:00 in the morning members started to arrive to display their Porsches and to spend time talking cars. We had cars ranging from an 80’s 944, to a Diesel Cayenne to a new 2022 GT3. After the initial car talk around the cars we heading into the restaurant for a delicious lunch at this historic landmark restaurant in Beaver and dining fun cellar room.  It was easy to tell that all were having a great time judging by the volume of conversations heard around the room.

If you have not already done so, put our next lunch October 25th, at the Allegheny Grille in Foxburg, PA. with its wonderful view of the Allegheny River.  This event should be memorable for the fall colors and fun to drive back roads adding to the always fun gathering of the Allegheny Region.