Porsche Touring Crew May 2023 after event report

In May, the Porsche Touring Crew took the advice of the Fast Lane Travel Owner and tour master.  Peter Sontag grew up in Steubenville, Ohio, and while he no longer lives there, he maintains ties with the city.  Peter has always taken tours to great restaurants, so we were quick to act on his recommendation to have our lunch at Froehlich’s Classic Corner.  The restaurant is in what was once a Jaguar museum. 

The weather was perfect for the ARPCA tourists.  We were welcomed into a designated parking area by the manager who came out to welcome us.  The members started arriving at 11:00 a.m. and by 11:45 we had 18 cars and 30 Porsche loving friends gathered around the cars sharing stories and viewing the assembled cars.  We had a wide variety of cars with everything from 356’s, CYANAN, to the newest 911 Targa and a GT3 RS.

The excellent lunch was served in their private dining room giving us lots of time to talk around the tables.  The owner came to greet us and also remind us about some highlights of the Steubenville area.  They are working on rejuvenating the area and now have interesting murals around town including the one we drove by near their parking lot.  He also suggested we might want to return to the area at Christmas time.  In recent years they have built up a collection of life-sized nutcrackers that are on display around the downtown area.  These were donated by people and businesses.  In connection with nutcrackers, they also have other outdoor dining and activities.  It is a fun Christmas destination.

MSR changed their policy on charges for using their service.  As many found out, they now charge a $2.00 fee to register for most events as well as other fees.  The Touring Crew decided it is best to not add a charge during registration except in rare cases like a country club where a single bill is required. We do want to honor our obligation to Anchorpoint Counseling, so we now do a “pass the oil” around during lunch for voluntary contribution.  The members were most generous, collecting $193.00, which is greater than what was normally raised when it was part of registration.  Thank you to everyone at the lunch.

As of the time of this writing, we still have 10 open spaces for the June 27th lunch at the Sewickley Hotel.  This one of the few events where there is a maximum limit set at 25.  We expect the last 10 spaces to be filled by the time Rundschau is printed.