RECAP PTC Hotel Saxonburg luncheon

On May 24 the Porsche Touring Crew kicked off its Summer driving schedule with a luncheon cruise to the historic Saxonburg Hotel. Almost 40 ARPCA members and guests signed up for the event, some of whom are pictured ogling Dan and Janice Cooleys’ beautiful 2017 Racing Yellow 4S.  The next PTC event is set to celebrate the Steelers’ return to St. Vincent’s Training Camp; on June 28th  the group will land at Latrobe’s Sharkey’s Café, a favorite team hangout during training season.  Sign-ups can be completed at

After enjoying an early Summertime drive and a great lunch at the Saxonburg Hotel, most Porsche Touring Crew members opted for an add-on tour of the well-appointed Saxonburg Museum, which proved to be packed with Pittsburgh-area history and memorabilia.  The May 24 PTC event drew a large turn-out.  Early arrivals at the museum are pictured, along with Museum Curator Fred Cesar (top, center).  The next PTC event is scheduled for June 28th at Sharkey’s Café in Latrobe – and registration is available now at

Porsche Touring Crew members listen intently as Sharpsburg Museum Curator Fred Cesar conducts a private tour of the Museum for PTC members after their May 24 drive-and-dine event at the Sharpsburg Hotel.  PTC participants were particularly impressed with Mr. Cesar’s ability to “connect” the  physical assets of the museum with day-to-day living in 19th and early 20th Century Western PA.  The museum displays a wide variety of authentic properties – from a complete grade school classroom, to early 1900’s police and firemen’s uniforms, to some of the vacuum tubes in KDKA’s first transmission tower!  PTC events are open to all ARPCA members and their guests.

Image of Saxonburg Hotel by John A Roebling, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)