Mid December 2022

The end is nigh!

In this case it’s merely the end of 2022.  It’s been a good year with great strides to returning to normalcy. After what can generously be described as a rough couple of years.

The calendar for 2023 is already filling out with events taking shape the whole way out into Spring.  There’s the Mid-Winter party and the upcoming the Motor Tech Oil session in February. The Women of ARPCA have events for early and late March.  The Porsche Touring crew is already hard at work planning for the coming year.

Here’s to seeing you next year,

Shawn Cressler Web Support.


ARPCA HPDE Gift Certificates now available!

Looking for a perfect experience for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or any occasion?  We’ve got you covered with a customizable Gift Certificate!  Pick any amount over $100 and certificate is valid for two years from date-of-issue redeemable for any ARPCA HPDE. Contact John at track@arpca.com for more detail.   Or go to MotorsportReg.com and search “ARPCA Gift”.  Is it a surprise?  We can keep a secret!

Certificate will be customized for your specified occasion.

Rundschau Cover Photo Contest
The Rundschau Cover Photo Contest is back!  Submissions must be at least 1 megapixel, well exposed, in focus, and have subject matter related to Porsche, ARPCA or ARPCA Members.  Selected photo will appear on cover of Rundschau. If a child appears in a photograph permission from the child’s parent to use image must accompany photo.
Send images to editor@arpca.com
PVGP 2022- Marque Of the Year Commemorative Watches –  Limited Quantity Available
This year PORSCHE was honored as Marque of the Year at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. In recognition of this, your officers have designed a commemorative watch. We present to you a classic Bulova dress watch redefined as the 2022 ARPCA PVGP wrist watch. On the face is the ARPCA logo, while the back is engraved with “2022 PVGP Marque of the year PORSCHE,” Commemorating the 40th annual Pittsburgh Grand Prix and honoring The Allegheny Region PCA.Several Men’s Watches are still available as well as one (1) Lady’s watch. Free shipping now through Christmas. Contact ARPCA member Mark Frumkin for ordering information  m.s.frumkin@gmail.com


ARPCA Monthly Meeting – January 12th

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Deutsche Rennsport
1301 Washington Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA  15206

The monthly meeting is open to all ARPCA Members.

Contact: president@arpca.com

Mid-Winter Party – February 4th

Shake off those winter blues and cabin fever at the ARPCA Mid-Winter Party.  Luke Crawford, General Manager of North Pittsburgh Blackout Tinting is opening up his expansive automotive shop to host this year’s event.

Numerous automotive exhibits will help to satiate your inner gear-head and give hope that fair-weather driving is just around the bend.

Come join us for hors d’oeuvres, pizza pies, salads, wine, beer, soft drinks, and all the P-car yarns you can swallow.

Click here to learn more

ARPCA Monthly Meeting – February 9th

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Location: George Riggin Specialty Automotive
430 Harmony Way
Harmony, PA 16037

The monthly meeting is open to all ARPCA Members.

Contact: president@arpca.com

Motor Oil Tech Session – February 11th

Any true auto enthusiast knows that motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine.  But engines have changed over the years, and so has motor oil.  To dive more into “What makes motor oil motor oil??” and “What oil is best for my application??”  an industry veteran of the lubricants business will be doing a tech session and presentation at Deutsche Rennsport.

Click here to learn more

Women of ARPCA Night at the Spa – March 1st

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 – 6:00pm- 8:00pm
Flora Spa and Aesthetic Bar. www.floraspapgh.com
2363 Brandt School Rd., Wexford

“As Pittsburgh’s first facial bar, we take a modern twist on caring for your skin.  Here at Flora Spa and Aesthetic Bar, our philosophy is that self-care is not selfish.  Whether you’re looking for a straightforward skincare maintenance program, or in need of cutting-edge suite facials, we’ve got you covered.  So come in, relax, and let your skin glow.”

We have four Aestheticians booked for the evening.  You will have the option to book a half hour or forty five minute facial.  When not enjoying a facial, we will be together in the lounge area, enjoying light refreshments.

Additional details to follow.


UPDATED – ARPCA Apparel Store – Fall Merchandise – Email List – Catalog
TwoEight Printing has updated their sit and has new Fall merchandise available.  Sign up for the email list to stay up to date on new items, sales, closeouts and more you get ARPCA merchandise news right in your inbox

Click here to visit the store.  Click Here to download the new catalog

Buy, Sell, Trade on  The Mart

Rundschau’s member-only classified ad section, The Mart, is now available under its own tab on ARPCA.com.

To place a listing, send the information, including a 1 megapixel or higher photo of the item to be listed to editor@arpca.com.  The ad will appear in the next issue of Rundschau, but should appear on the website within a week. There will be some lag between notification and de-listing so please notify the editor as soon as an item is no longer for sale. You should also email the editor each month if you wish to have your listing continue.

Currently Available on the Mart: PowerStop Next Gen Euro Ceramic Front Brake Pads.

Click here to start shopping

Member Image Submissions

Click Here or use the “Member Submissions” link in the menu at the top of the ARPCA  homepage. I truly appreciate having your images to use when crafting email newsletters and posts for ARPCA.com, the more images you share the more the website can be a reflection of and a showcase for our members and their cars.

The more member images we receive the more we are able to make our website and publications truly reflective of our group and it’s members

Image submitted by Submitted by R Zapko – “Holiday Reflections”

Currently image size is limited to 20MB per image we accept images in tiff, gif, png, jpeg, raw, and esp formats.  Images should be your own original content.  Images currently subject to copyright, or of an inappropriate nature will not be accepted or displayed by the ARPCA.

Our members love fun and new events!  Please ensure all club activities are submitted to editor@arpca.com and events@arpca.com as soon as dates and details are finalized.  To appear in Rundschau timely, details need submitted 45 days prior to 1st calendar date of month desired for publication.   Event notices arriving after will be promoted via webFacebook, and email as available.  Include date, time, a short description of event along with cost, and whether registration is required (a photo would be fantastic too!) with your submission.  We look forward helping you host a fun and successful ARPCA event!

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