Mid June 2023


Hello esteemed members of the ARPCA,

So, the question I put to you is, what do you get someone for their 75th birthday?  Well, if you’re Porsche, you build yourself a 900 volt hypercar.  Dubbed the “Mission X,” it points to a possible direction Porsche may take in creating an all-electric successor to high-end low production run models like the 959, Carrera GT, and 918 Spyder.  They haven’t yet said whether or not this car is destined for production. Even if this vehicle doesn’t show up in showrooms for purchase, it is a very impressive demonstration of Porsche’s cutting-edge technology.  You can read more about the Mission X at Ars Technica, Auto Blog, and from Porsche themselves.

Switching direction from the future of motoring, we have an opportunity to look towards the past and celebrate the present.  I am, of course, talking about the 2023 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.  Below you will find a registration guide for this year’s events.

The Porsche touring crew has finalized venues for the rest of the year and all dates can be found on the calendar at ARPCA.com

Thank you and here’s to seeing you out there,

Shawn Cressler – Web Support. Sharon Lunney – Newsletter Editor.



Registration now live at: arpca.motorpsortreg.com and ARPCA’s Track Team is offering 2 full HPDE weekends (format like prior years – Friday Solo Lapping if eligible, Sat & Sun Instructed HPDE) at two of our favorite tracks on dates listed!  Register early to save on top of best prices offered by any club or group!

PittRace – Wampum, PA – July 28-30

  • Friday – July 28 – Solo Lapping* if eligible
  • Sat & Sun – July 29-30 – In-car Instructed HPDE
    (social w/ dinner included for registered drivers Sat evening)


Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – Lexington, OH – September 15-17.
REGISTRATIONS +200% to LY – SIGN UP TODAY – GARAGES over 50% sold out – all run groups filling fast!

  • Friday – Sept 15 – Solo Lapping* if eligible
  • Sat & Sun – Sept 16-17 – In-car Instructed HPDE
 * A, I, and NOW B Solo Students can be eligible for Friday ASL (Advance Solo Lapping)
PVGP: Black Tie and Tailpipes – ARPCA Discount

Linda Lorenz has agreed to coordinate registration for our club.  The normal price per ticket is $295, but a full table of eight is $2000. ($250 per ticket)   Linda will consolidate registrants to form eight-person groupings to take advantage of this discount.
Any members interested in the discounted rate should contact Linda: lindalorenz1018@gmail.com
Information about the Black Tie is found at:  https://pvgp.org/events/blacktie-tailpipes-gala/


Sunday July 9th – Sunday July 23rd


SUN July  9 PVGP’s Kick-Off Rallye    (not an ARPCA event ) TBD PVGP.org
FRI July 14 Blacktie & Tailpipes Gala Grand Concourse PVGP.org
SAT July 15 PVGP Historics Racing PittRace PVGP.org
SUN July 16 PVGP Historics Racing PittRace PVGP.org
MON July 17 Walnut Street Invitational Walnut Street PVGP.org
TUE July 18 Waterfront Car Cruise Homestead Works PVGP.org
TUE July 18 Sewickley Stampede & Roundup The Hotel & Rosa’s Cantina PVGP.org
WED July 19 Downtown Car Display Various Locations PVGP.org
WED July 19 Tune-Up Party Southside Works PVGP.org
THU July 20 Countryside Tour Jamison Farm PVGP.org
THU July 20 Passport To Elegance Hangar Party Ligonier Butler Regional Airport PVGP.org
FRI July 21 ARPCA Driving Tour ARPCA Welcome Party Willow Restaurant ARPCA.com
SAT July 22 Porsche Field /  Races Schenley Park ARPCA.com
SUN July 23 Porsche Field / Races Schenley Park ARPCA.com



Women of ARPCA – Women In Wine at Barsotti Wines – June 14th

The Women of ARPCA will be treated to a wine tasting celebrating Women Winemakers and Vineyard Owners at Barsotti Wines in the Strip District.

Chef Jason Sicher, our host for the evening, will be walking us through several, specially selected wines with detailed tasting notes.  He will also be creating light hors d’oeuvres to accompany the wines. The wines served will be available for purchase that evening.

Click here to learn more


ARPCA Monthly Meeting – Rescheduled – June 22nd

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Rosedale Technical College
215 Beecham Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

The monthly meeting is open to all ARPCA Members.

Contact: president@arpca.com

Porsche Touring Crew – June 27th

PTC Buckeroos To Saddle-Up,
Ride West for Grub at Rosa’s Cantina

The Porsche Touring Crew compadres are on the move again, this time in search of a new Western-style bar and restaurant in Sewickley called The Hotel and Rosa’s Cantina (the hotelandrosascantina.com)

The restaurant is dedicated to the Old West, complete with memories of – and even a bit of education about, both the Cowboy and Native American ways of life.   The back wall of the restaurant, for instance, is dedicated to the great chiefs, the Buffalo Soldiers and the Trail of Tears, and features native American headdresses, saddles and lariats.

Click here to learn more

Porsche at The Lot – July 8th

You should start your Saturday, July 8th, in the company of fellow ARPCA members for an upscale cars-n-coffee event at The Lot at Edgewater restaurant in Oakmont, Pa. It’s a great way to start your weekend.

The Lot at Edgewater is a full-service restaurant that offers a wide menu selection including traditional favorites like Belgian waffles, house-cured bacon steak, made-to-order omelets as well as specialties such as avocado toast with pepper jam and a fried egg.  There is a full-service coffee bar with a large assortment of pastries and a full-service bar featuring brunch cocktails, alcoholic milkshakes, and craft beers.

Click here to learn more


ARPCA HPDE Gift Certificates

Looking for a perfect experience for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or any occasion? We’ve got you covered with a customizable Gift Certificate!  Pick any amount over $100 and certificate is valid for two years from date-of-issue redeemable for any ARPCA HPDE. Contact John at track@arpca.com for more detail.   Or go to MotorsportReg.com and search “ARPCA Gift”.  Is it a surprise?  We can keep a secret! Certificate will be customized for your specified occasion.


Rundschau Cover Photo Contest
The Rundschau Cover Photo Contest is back!  Submissions must be at least 1 megapixel, well exposed, in focus, and have subject matter related to Porsche, ARPCA or ARPCA Members.  Selected photo will appear on cover of Rundschau. If a child appears in a photograph, permission from the child’s parent to use image must accompany photo.
Send images to editor@arpca.com


Buy, Sell, Trade on  The Mart

Rundschau’s member-only classified ad section, The Mart, is now available under its own tab on ARPCA.com.

To place a listing, send the information, including a 1 megapixel or higher photo of the item to be listed to editor@arpca.com.  The ad will appear in the next issue of Rundschau, but should appear on the website within a week. There will be some lag between notification and de-listing so please notify the editor as soon as an item is no longer for sale. You should also email the editor each month if you wish to have your listing continue.

Currently Available on the Mart: OE Exhaust from a 2009 987.2

Member Image Submissions

Click Here or use the “Member Submissions” link in the menu at the top of the ARPCA  homepage. I truly appreciate having your images to use when crafting email newsletters and posts for ARPCA.com. The more images you share, the more the website can be a reflection of and a showcase for our members and their cars.

The more member images we receive, the more we are able to make our website and publications truly reflective of our group and it’s members.

Image submitted by M Poprik: “2008 Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder. September 2021 drive from Chicago to Los Angeles along Route 66 with Two Lane America. This stop was in Dwight, Illinois, at the Ambler-Becker Texaco Station, the longest operating service station to pump gas on historic Route 66.”

Currently image size is limited to 20MB per image. We accept images in tiff, gif, png, jpeg, raw, and esp formats.  Images should be your own original content.  Images currently subject to copyright, or of an inappropriate nature will not be accepted or displayed by the ARPCA.

Our members love fun and new events!  Please ensure all club activities are submitted to editor@arpca.com and events@arpca.com as soon as dates and details are finalized.  To appear in Rundschau timely, details need submitted 45 days prior to 1st calendar date of month desired for publication.   Event notices arriving after will be promoted via webFacebook, and email as available.  Include date, time, a short description of event along with cost, and whether registration is required (a photo would be fantastic too!) with your submission.  We look forward helping you host a fun and successful ARPCA event!

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