Early October 2023



Fall Greetings Members of the ARPCA,

Writers block – it happens to even the best writers, I am most definitely not the best of writers.  Feel free to ask our intrepid editor who does a constant battle with my uneven and often erratic use of punctuation. So, in my desperation but with an eye towards seasonality, I searched “Halloween Costumes for Cars.” There were a frankly shocking number of results.  Lots of examples of vehicular disguises geared towards “Trunk or Treat” events.  Buoyed by my success I got more specific with my search “Halloween costumes for Porsche cars.”  I was not disappointed.  Please feel free to enjoy “7 Ways to Dress Up Your Porsche for Halloween” and “Did you dress up your car for Halloween?”  The latter starts with Porsches, has a few toothy Miatas, and if you scroll a little there is a festive Porsche Crest jack-o-lantern.

In less scary news the 2024 Cayenne launch event is slated for Saturday October 7th at Sewickley Porsche, details and a link for registration below. The final Porshe at the Lot is this month; nothing like coffee and brunch in the crisp fall air.  The Women of ARPCA are shopping for a good cause and the Porsche Touring Crew is headed out for some fine Italian cuisine.  Still plenty to do before the weather drives us all indoors.

Shawn Cressler – Web Support. Sharon Lunney – Newsletter Editor.

Special Event – 2024 Cayenne Launch Event

2024 Cayenne Launch Event

Join us for the launch of the all-new 2024 Cayenne.

“It’s one of the most extensive product upgrades in the history of Porsche,”
– Michael Schätzle, Vice-President Product Line Cayenne.

We invite you to be amongst the first few to see – and drive – the all new 2024 Porsche Cayenne. We’ll unveil the new 2024 Cayenne on Saturday, October 7th, and give you a full overview of all the great new features, including (spoiler alert) the return of the V8, as an extensively refined twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 engine replaces the previous V6 in the new Cayenne S.

Click here for more information



Porsche at The Lot – October 7th

Join your ARPCA friends at The Lot for one last hurrah before the fall weather sets in and ruins the fun of outdoor gatherings.  The Lot at Edgewater is a full-service restaurant that offers a wide menu selection including traditional favorites like Belgian waffles, house-cured bacon steak, made-to-order omelets as well as specialties such as avocado toast with pepper jam and a fried egg.

The venue has a large parking lot and an outside covered patio that overlooks the parking area. Parking space for Porsches has been reserved along the Allegheny Avenue (Railroad Side) of the restaurant.

Click here to learn more

Image by T. Gray

Women of ARPCA – Treasure House – Oct 11th

Join us at Treasure House Fashions, Wednesday, October 11th, from 5:30 -7:30pm,  for a Social Girls Night Out (GNO); a private after-hours shopping spree!  Enjoy fashion “treasure hunting” with special GNO added discounts, all to support women in transition or crisis.

This event is not limited to just ARPCA women, feel free to bring guests to enjoy light refreshments and some “treasure hunting” shopping; our spending supports this worthwhile mission of helping women in transition or crisis.

Click here to learn more

Thursday, October 12th 2023  

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Deutsche Rennsport
1301 Washington Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

The monthly meeting is open to all ARPCA Members.

Contact: president@arpca.com

Porsche Touring Crew – October 24th

Franco’s, a hometown favorite here in McMurray, is a family owned and operated restaurant which takes pride in its Fine Italian Cuisine. Franco’s has been in the food business for over 25 years, and uniting people at the dining table for over 20.

The Touring Crew will be the first patrons to have lunch here in many years and we give Joe and Gina Damico a big thank you for that.

We will be arriving an hour later than usual for a 1 o’clock lunch at the convenience of the restaurant. Hope to see all our Porsche minded friends at this most special luncheon!!

Mark and Tom

Click here to register on MSR


Rundschau Cover Photo Contest
The Rundschau Cover Photo Contest is back!  Submissions must be at least 1 megapixel, well exposed, in focus, and have subject matter related to Porsche, ARPCA or ARPCA Members.  Selected photo will appear on cover of Rundschau. If a child appears in a photograph, permission from the child’s parent to use image must accompany photo.
Send images to editor@arpca.com



ARPCA HPDE Gift Certificates

Looking for a perfect experience for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or any occasion? We’ve got you covered with a customizable Gift Certificate!  Pick any amount over $100 and certificate is valid for two years from date-of-issue, redeemable for any ARPCA HPDE. Contact John at track@arpca.com for more detail.   Or go to MotorsportReg.com and search “ARPCA Gift”.  Is it a surprise?  We can keep a secret! Certificate will be customized for your specified occasion.


Buy, Sell, Trade on  The Mart

Rundschau’s member-only classified ad section, The Mart, is now available under its own tab on ARPCA.com.

To place a listing, send the information, including a 1 megapixel or higher photo of the item to be listed to editor@arpca.com.  The ad will appear in the next issue of Rundschau, but should appear on the website within a week. There will be some lag between notification and de-listing so please notify the editor as soon as an item is no longer for sale. You should also email the editor each month if you wish to have your listing continue.

Currently Available on the Mart: 1985 Porsche 944

Member Image Submissions

Click Here or use the “Member Submissions” link in the menu at the top of the ARPCA  homepage.

There’s a rumor there might be a large multi-day event involving cars in the near future, maybe even some Porsches.  It would be great to have images of ARPCA members enjoying the PVGP. Thank you all in advance!

Image Submitted by R Pecori “Cayman”


Currently image size is limited to 20MB per image. We accept images in tiff, gif, png, jpeg, raw, and esp formats.  Images should be your own original content.  Images currently subject to copyright, or of an inappropriate nature will not be accepted or displayed by the ARPCA.

Our members love fun and new events!  Please ensure all club activities are submitted to editor@arpca.com and events@arpca.com as soon as dates and details are finalized.  To appear in Rundschau timely, details need submitted 45 days prior to 1st calendar date of month desired for publication.   Event notices arriving after will be promoted via webFacebook, and email as available.  Include date, time, a short description of event along with cost, and whether registration is required (a photo would be fantastic too!) with your submission.  We look forward helping you host a fun and successful ARPCA event!

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