Mid January 2024


Esteemed Members of the ARPCA,

Winter has finally reared its ugly head.  Salt has been deployed which both melts snow and corrodes innocent metal components which haven’t done it any harm.  Here are a few recommendations for protecting your Porsche from salt.  This list is by no means exhaustive and if you have any tried-and-true tips you’d like to share we would welcome your wisdom and share them in due course.

Wax and seal your vehicle, I don’t know this is much of an issue as many of you keep your cars polished to a high sheen. Unsurprisingly, the manufacturer of ceramic coating indicates that it provides the best protection, however, other sources recommend a synthetic wax which will also do an excellent job.

Keep your tires clean.  They can pick up grit, sand and salt and inadvertently fling it against your undercarriage.

Wash your car to clean off salt.  Several sources recommend washing at least once a week during road salt season. Make sure these washes include your car’s undercarriage.  At least one source indicated that some automatic car washes recycle their water and may inadvertently be using water contaminated with salt and should be avoided.

Avoid puddles which is something of a no brainer as puddles often form in potholes which are not known for being great for performance suspensions.  In this case the puddles are basically salt concentrators – little cauldrons of corrosion best given a wide berth if possible.

If possible, avoid driving immediately before or after a snow storm.  This will help minimize your vehicle’s contact with free road salt.  I understand the reasoning behind, this but it’s often hard to avoid driving before, during, or after snow.  After all, we need to get our milk, eggs, and bread before the weather hits, right?

I hope this was helpful and if not helpful, I hope it was diverting.  If it was neither, well, the good news is there’s a new feature “Meet Our Members,” and plenty of other items you’ll find engaging below.

Shawn Cressler – Web Support. Sharon Lunney – Newsletter Editor.


Sources consulted AvalonKing, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, Cleantools, LeithCars


Meet The Flickingers!

We are starting a new monthly feature “A few questions and answers with an ARPCA member” which we hope you will enjoy.  Please feel free to volunteer or participate so we can feature you in a future issue of e-Rundschau. If you are interested in participating, please email Sharon at tulip16057@gmail.com

Here are our first members who volunteered (via John Rattenni) to answer our random list of questions.  It is our pleasure to introduce you to some favorite members you probably met at a track event:

Mike and Kate Flickinger:

1. What was the make and model of your first car?
First car we bought, MK7 Volkswagen GTI

2. Tell us your life story in exactly one sentence.
We met junior year of college, one of our first dates was spent detailing our cars, the rest is history.

3.What is your dream Porsche car?  What color?
Porsche 964 reimagined by Singer in Irish Green though Katie would probably want a custom Robin’s Egg Blue.

4. If your life was a song, what song would it be and why?
Fast Cars and Freedom by Rascal Flatts

5. You’re buying a Porsche, are you looking for an automatic/PDK or manual transmission?
PDK for a daily driver, manual for a sports car.

6.What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
Mike dislikes washing the cars. Katie has a green thumb and keeps a small garden growing flowers, tomatoes, herbs, and vegetables.

7. What is your favorite movie or television car?
Aston Martin DB5 as first seen in Goldfinger.

8. You’re taking your Porsche on a road trip, where is your ideal destination?
Our Porsche is primarily a track car, so any track. VIR currently tops the list of tracks we’d like to visit within a reasonable drive.

9. What celebrity or famous person would you like to take with you on that road trip and why?
Since we’re going to a track, a race car driver would make sense. Katie would probably choose Sebastian Vettel, and Mike would be too happy with the destination to protest.

10. What is your motto in life?
The first time Mike met Katie’s Grandma Honey, he was driving her home from Thanksgiving dinner and was driving…spiritedly if you will. He apologized to her and said he would slow down. She immediately giggled and said “the faster the better!” And we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Porsche Touring Crew 2023 Charity Donation

ARPCA and the Porsche Touring Crew has made a contribution of $1,310.20 to Anchorpoint Counseling Ministry.

This is the charity that was selected for 2023 by PTC.  They help individuals, couples, and families of all age groups.  Their counseling includes issues such as depression, marriage relationships, abuse, addictions, and many more areas of need in the northern area of Allegheny County.  Thank you all PTC members who made voluntary contributions at the lunches in 2023.  PTC will continue in 2024 to have lunch gatherings and will offer members a chance to support a charity.

The 2024 charity will be Tunnel2Towers.


ARPCA Monthly Meeting – Thursday, February 8th

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Murphy Business and Financial Corporation
125 Technology Dr Suite 031
Canonsburg, PA 15317

Host: David Schloss

The monthly meeting is open to all ARPCA Members.

Contact: president@arpca.com


Mid Winter Party – Saturday, February 10th

Shake off those winter blues and cabin fever at the ARPCA Mid-Winter Party.
Luke Crawford, General Manager of North Pittsburgh Blackout Tinting is opening up his expansive automotive shop to host this year’s event. Numerous automotive exhibits will help to satiate your inner gearhead and give hope that fair-weather driving is just around the bend.
Come join us for hors d’oeuvres, pizza pies, salads, wine, beer, soft drinks, and all the P-car yarns you can swallow. Catered by Aviva Brick Oven Restaurant

Click here to learn more

Women of ARPCA – Make Your Own Lipstick at Lipstyck Lab – February 11th

More information to come!


Porsche Touring Crew – Angelo’s – Tuesday, February 27th

The Porsche Touring Crew (PTC) starts the 2024 Tuesday lunch season with our mid-winter lunch.  The diehard Porsche fans with sports cars and those with SUV’s will be able to take their cars out, or bring whatever you want, as we begin the year with a return to Angelo’s restaurant in Washington PA.  Many of the PTC members will remember the memorable lunch we had at Angelo’s in 2022.  This well-known and highly recommended restaurant  has been a fixture in Washington since its founding in 1939 on Chestnut Street.  It has moved out of town to a shopping district, but is still owned by the same family.  Put February 27th on your calendar and join us at noon for lunch.  If you can’t make that date check the calendar for locations starting in April for PTC lunches on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

Click here to learn more



Rundschau Cover Photo Contest
The Rundschau Cover Photo Contest is back!  Submissions must be at least 1 megapixel, well exposed, in focus, and have subject matter related to Porsche, ARPCA or ARPCA Members.  Selected photo will appear on cover of Rundschau. If a child appears in a photograph, permission from the child’s parent to use image must accompany photo.
Send images to editor@arpca.com
Buy, Sell, Trade on  The Mart

Rundschau’s member-only classified ad section, The Mart, is now available under its own tab on ARPCA.com.

To place a listing, send the information, including a 1 megapixel or higher photo of the item to be listed to editor@arpca.com.  The ad will appear in the next issue of Rundschau, but should appear on the website within a week. There will be some lag between notification and de-listing so please notify the editor as soon as an item is no longer for sale. You should also email the editor each month if you wish to have your listing continue.

Currently Available on the Mart: GARMIN Catalyst

Member Submissions

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Image Submitted by S Affeltranger -“My good ol 944 snow covered peacefully.”

Currently image size is limited to 20MB per image. We accept images in tiff, gif, png, jpeg, raw, and esp formats.  Images should be your own original content.  Images currently subject to copyright, or of an inappropriate nature will not be accepted or displayed by the ARPCA.

Our members love fun and new events!  Please ensure all club activities are submitted to editor@arpca.com and events@arpca.com as soon as dates and details are finalized.  To appear in Rundschau timely, details need submitted 45 days prior to 1st calendar date of month desired for publication.   Event notices arriving after will be promoted via webFacebook, and email as available.  Include date, time, a short description of event along with cost, and whether registration is required (a photo would be fantastic too!) with your submission.  We look forward helping you host a fun and successful ARPCA event!


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