Mid May 2024


Greetings and Salutations,

Occasionally, I look back to previous newsletters for inspiration.  Sometimes it’s helpful.  However, sometimes it reveals that I have made a joke about or a reference to the adage, “April showers bring May flowers,” every May for the last three years.  Apparently, lack of creativity is a seasonal affliction like pollen allergies.  Waiting for a shower of inspiration has brought no flowering of new ideas.  Why, break with a budding new tradition.

Meanwhile, the calendar is fairly sprouting one could even say blooming with events.  Some new like Der Treff. the Track and Tour Party, and a visit to Heinz Chapel, with others familiar and no less fun like Porsche at The Lot and the Porsche Touring Crew’s monthly excursions.   Information and links can be found below.


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** SOLD OUT** July 12th – 14th, 2024 – Pittsburgh International Race Complex

  • Driver Registration Sat/Sun: $600
  • Instructor Sat/Sun: $100
  • Advance Solo Lapping Friday: $275
    • (approval required – MUST include Sat/Sun registration)

September 13th– 15th, 2024 – Mid Ohio Sports Car Course

  • Driver Registration Sat/Sun: $450
    • Register on/before May 31, 2024 save $50
  • Instructor Sat/Sun: $100 (driving)
  • Friday Lapping Day: $225
    • (approval required – MUST include Sat/Sun registration)  ​
    • Register on/before May 31, 2024 save $25
  • Garages: $150 pull-thru, $200 non-pull-thru (closed end)

ARPCA 2024 track season is racing towards us, registration is now live at: arpca.motorpsortreg.com.  The Track Team is offering of 2 full HPDE weekends (format like prior years – Friday Solo Lapping if eligible, Sat & Sun Instructed HPDE) at two of our favorite tracks in July and September!

Register today for some best prices offered by any club or group!


Porsche at the Lot – May 25th

The Lot at Edgewater is a full-service restaurant that offers a wide menu selection including traditional favorites like Belgian waffles, house-cured bacon steak, made-to-order omelets as well as specialties such as avocado toast with pepper jam and a fried egg.

Parking space for Porsches has been reserved along the Allegheny Avenue (Railroad Side) of the restaurant.

There is no cost for this event and registration is not necessary.  Just show up with your favorite Porsche and share some coffee, breakfast, and camaraderie with your fellow ARPCA members.

Click here to learn more

Porsche Touring Crew – Iron Bridge Inn – May 28th

This May the Porsche Touring Crew is heading north to Mercer, PA. For the first time ever we will lunch at the Iron Bridge Inn, one of eight Springfield restaurant locations.

Sign up early if you plan to attend this lunch. Due to the size of the restaurant, we have a firm limit of 26 for lunch. Additionally, with restrictions they impose, we are going to order on arrival from a limited lunch menu. The details are yet to be worked out on the menu and it depends on what is on the spring lunch menu. We do expect to have offerings of beef, fish, and salad(s). They do not allow separate checks for larger groups, so we will be charging $25.00 when registering.  The charge covers the meal, gratuity, and tax and includes a non-alcoholic drink. They will have an open cash bar. We will be passing the “oil can” to collect a contribution to support our 2024 charity, Tunnel2Towers Foundation.

Click here to learn more

Women of the ARPCA – Tour of Heinz Chapel – June 8th

Lunch afterwards at the Oaklander Hotel. MSR registration will be required and forthcoming.


ARPCA Monthly Meeting – June 13th **Location Corrected**

Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

PerLora Furniture
2837 Smallman St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Host: Perry Sigesmund. The parking lot behind the store has been reserved for attendees.

The monthly meeting is open to all ARPCA Members.

Contact: president@arpca.com

Porsche at the Lot – June 22nd

Start your weekend in style at the Lot at Edgewater.  There is no cost for this event and registration is not necessary.  Just show up with your favorite Porsche and share some coffee, breakfast, and camaraderie with your fellow ARPCA members.

Parking space for Porsches has been reserved along the Allegheny Avenue (Railroad Side) of the restaurant.

Click here to learn more


Porsche Touring Crew – Ryan’s Creek House – June 25th

Our June lunch will be at Ryan’s Creek House in Ford City, PA. In keeping with our goal of having wonderful food and time shared with our fellow Porsche club friends, we continue to return to some favorite locations and exploring some first time locations.  This month’s location was provided by a fellow PTC member.

Ryan’s Creek House is located minutes from Crooked Creek State Park and both can be accessed by some good roads to exercise your car.  Ryan’s Creek house is known for the beautiful wood interior, craft beer and wine, and fresh homemade food.

Click here to learn more

ARPCA Der Treff – June 28th to June 30th

Snowshoe, WV It’s time to register for a weekend getaway with 600 miles of spirited driving and great company. Sights along the way include Glade Creek Mill, New River Gorge & Bridge, and the Green Bank Radio Telescope.  A rain or shine event!

  • There is a Friday afternoon run for those who can be there at 12:30 pm, a full day drive on Saturday and a Sunday morning run.
  • You have your choice of rooms and are first-come, first-serve basis. All lodging, meals and refreshments are at attendee’s expense.
  • Make reservations directly with the resort. Please make them at the following lodges: Rimfire Lodge, Allegheny Springs, Mountain Lodge, Highland House, Seneca or Expedition Station. (https://www.snowshoemtn.com/ ).
  • Snowshoe link also in MSR when registering (https://www.motorsportreg.com/).
  • Advance registration is required thru MSR and the ARPCA cost per attendee is $50.
  • Event registration closes MAY 17th.

Kevin Rhule,

 Click here to learn more

Something Quite Different for the 2024 ARPCA Driving Tour! Track ‘n Tour Party – July 13th 

It will be here before you know it!

  • Have you ever had your car on the track?
  • Have you ever had Great BBQ (and a cold one) after a long afternoon of driving?
  • We are having the tour early this year and will join the HPDE group already at Pitt Race.
  • Well, then come with us and tour Western PA with a bit of Ohio. After driving some back roads, we finally reach our destination, Pitt Race, our tour group will run a couple of laps on the track (behind the safety car) and then into the car corral for showcasing our beauties to chow down on a BBQ Dinner.
  • This is expected to be the biggest ARPCA participation event of the year with the BBQ, HPDE and Tour, all together at the same time. Tour cost is $45 per person and includes the BBQ, if your spouse and/or family wants to attend at the track, the BBQ is only $35 per person.

Click here to learn more

Events for July – August 2024


Rundschau Cover Photo Contest
The Rundschau Cover Photo Contest is back!  Submissions must be at least 1 megapixel, well exposed, in focus, and have subject matter related to Porsche, ARPCA or ARPCA Members.  Selected photo will appear on cover of Rundschau. If a child appears in a photograph, permission from the child’s parent to use image must accompany photo.
Send images to editor@arpca.com

Buy, Sell, Trade on  The Mart

Rundschau’s member-only classified ad section, The Mart, is now available under its own tab on ARPCA.com.

To place a listing, send the information, including a 1 megapixel or higher photo of the item to be listed to editor@arpca.com.  The ad will appear in the next issue of Rundschau, but should appear on the website within a week. There will be some lag between notification and de-listing so please notify the editor as soon as an item is no longer for sale. You should also email the editor each month if you wish to have your listing continue.

Currently Available on the Mart: Speedcom 2 in-car communicator

Member Submissions

Click Here or use the “Member Submissions” link in the menu at the top of the ARPCA  homepage.

Image Submitted by T. Gray – “Porsche at the Lot, May 14th”

Currently image size is limited to 20MB per image. We accept images in tiff, gif, png, jpeg, raw, and esp formats.  Images should be your own original content.  Images currently subject to copyright, or of an inappropriate nature will not be accepted or displayed by the ARPCA.

How to Submit Events:
Our members love fun and new events!  Please ensure all club activities are submitted to editor@arpca.com and events@arpca.com as soon as dates and details are finalized.  To appear in Rundschau timely, details need submitted 45 days prior to 1st calendar date of month desired for publication.   Event notices arriving after will be promoted via webFacebook, and email as available.  Include date, time, a short description of event along with cost, and whether registration is required (a photo would be fantastic too!) with your submission.  We look forward helping you host a fun and successful ARPCA event!

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