Entries by Shawn Cressler

Mid February 2024

Hello, Welcome to yet another pot hole season.  This annual period of  seesawing temperatures from sub-freezing to picnic weather in less than twenty-four hours has a deleterious impact on our […]

Early February 2024

  Hello Esteemed Members of the ARPCA, Please consider this your final warning, the deadline for registering the Mid-Winter Party is looming closer with each passing second.  Tempus Fugit. You […]

Mid January 2024

  Esteemed Members of the ARPCA, Winter has finally reared its ugly head.  Salt has been deployed which both melts snow and corrodes innocent metal components which haven’t done it […]

Early January 2024

  Welcome to 2024, The beginning of a whole new year.  Congratulations on another successful journey around the sun which according to our friends at NASA, is a mere 92,956,050 […]

Mid December 2023

  Greetings and Salutations, Well, you won’t hear from us again until next year! Classic Dad joke – I couldn’t resist.   I would like to offer a special thanks to […]

Early December 2023

  Holiday Greetings Members of the ARPCA, It’s the time of year when many people take the time to contemplate a very serious question, “What to get the Porsche lover […]

Mid November 2023

  Members of the ARPCA, Registration for the holiday party closes tonight at 11:59PM Thursday November 16th.  You still have time to sign up if you’ve been waiting until the […]

Early November 2023

  Greetings and Salutations members of the ARPCA, Hard as it may be to believe, the holiday season is fast approaching us once again.  A time for family, friends, and […]