Candidates for the ARPCA Board of Officials – 2024 – 2025


Welcome to the 2023-24 Allegheny Region PCA (APRCA) Officer Election.  ARPCA currently has a slate of nominees for each electable position as outlined in our Bylaws as follows:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Below are introductions for the nominees of each office and on the following page you will have opportunity to affirm each nomination.  You also may write-in an alternative candidates if you so choose.

Your response is confidential and the Nominating Committee of Scott Ishler, Linda Scanlon and Frank Bresz thank you for selecting ARPCA’s 2024 & 2025 elected leaders.


1.President – Gus Vasilakis

Greetings, fellow Club members.  I am honored to be nominated to continue for a 2nd term as President of the Allegheny Region PCA.

ARPCA is a unique club. We are an outgoing social, philanthropic, and sports car club all-in-one. We specialize in offering premium driver’s education on world-class racecourses as well as organized fun drives, scenic day tours, and numerous social events throughout our region. Something for all members to engage in.

Over the past 2 years we have significantly increased opportunities for male and female members of all ages, who own Porsches of all types, to learn more about their automobiles as well as others with the same enthusiasm in our community.  Membership attendance at all of our on and off track experiences has continued to increase year over year.  New events, new venues, and meeting new members is something that we have excelled at and remains a focus for our second terms.

Our giving back to our region has expanded as well by sponsoring women students at Rosedale Technical College, raising over $100,000 for PVGP Charities in 2022, and several other member-selected charities, which are also examples of how each committee chairperson has had the opportunity to shape their own events working with this executive committee.

In closing, I am proud to be running with an esteemed committee of fellow car enthusiasts and business professionals. Our commitment to you is to ensure that financial, legal, tax, and administrative responsibilities will be executed in the most responsible manner while we carry out a vision for our club’s progressive nature for years to come.


Gus S. Vasilakis


2. Vice President – Drake Core

I am honored to be considered for the position of Vice President of Allegheny Region PCA.  I have been a member of our region for 30 years and have been involved with many aspects of our club including Track Chair, Co-Chief Driving Instructor, secretary and currently Vice President.  I have a passion for performance driving and teaching others how to get the most out of their cars.  My wife Beth, was the treasure of the club for 5 years and both of us are passionate for the success of our club.  We enjoy attending many of the club’s social events.  We travel to many professional races and always cheer on Porsches.  My first Porsche was a 1983 944 and my wife and I have owned several Porsches over the years. I would appreciate your consideration for a second term as Vice President of the Allegheny Region PCA.


Drake Core



3. Treasurer – Tom Uehling

I’m seeking reelection as the Treasurer of our club.  I’ve served as the Treasurer for the past six years.  The role of Treasurer is fairly straightforward:  to make sure that our financial books are accurate and that the club supports the events for the members.  This club has provided me with very memorable experiences with both social and track events and serving as Treasurer is my way of giving back.  The club does a fabulous job putting together events for all of us.  Please participate as much as you can and enjoy meeting a wonderful group of people.


Tom Uehling



4. Secretary – Tim Gustafson

My name is Tim Gustafson and I humbly ask you to support me for re-election as secretary of the ARPCA.  As part of the executive committee the past 2 years, I had the opportunity to be more involved with our membership and all the committees within ARPCA.  It is with great pleasure that I give back my time by serving as your secretary.

This past year I had an opportunity to serve as a volunteer during the HPDE weekend at Pitt Race.  I was exposed to a whole new set of high caliber people within the “Track Gang.”  As I always look forward to spending more time with all the members of the club, ARPCA has become like family to me.  I cherish the friendships of those I already know and continually look forward to meeting any new members.  I would highly recommend anyone within the club to get more involved with club activities and get to know the great people who make our club work.  I am privileged to work with a dedicated executive committee and all the subcommittees as we all strive to make your region the best PCA region in the country.  With your support for me and the rest of our elected officers as we seek re-election, we promise to continue to serve you as you deserve.  Thanks for your support.


Tim Gustafson

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