Member Submission – N Childs

My Rides

Member Submission – S Schober

In my RS America on the 31 degree banking at Daytona International Speedway.

Member Submission – J Ferguson

2022 Boxster 25th Anniversary, #330 out of a total of 1250 world wide. Took delivery October 6th, 2021 at the Atlanta Porsche Experience Center

Member Submission – T Linder

Okteenerfest 2021, A group of 914 owners and their cars regroup after running the “Tail of the Dragon” on Sept 24th 2021

Member Submission – R Kaintz

Nothing too special in terms of locale but just a new to me 16 GT3RS

Member Submission -J Jamison

I drove to Indianapolis from Erie for the Sports Car Together Festival put on by Porsche and the PCA with my wife, Kristy, and my two little boys, Jack and Alex, in the 911 – and had a great time. We were fortunate to be allowed 8 laps of the F1 course including the front stretch of Indy at speed with my two boys in the back. It was a really awesome experience for all of us. We are pictured standing on the back stretch of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the staging area before our laps.

Member Submission – T Linder

This was a group of 914 friends that got together Friday before the Carlisle PCA Swap, We did a tour of 10 covered bridges and many wonderous back roads. This picture was a lunch stop. (the 924 Turbo was allowed to join us, He was a local and set up the route. )

Member Submission – M Crouse

2015 991 C4 at Schenley Park

Member Submission -J Frye

1968 912 and 1983 944. First annual Glacier Rally, Western PA. July 2015 or 2016

Member Submission – K Yurko

2011 GT3. 997.2. At home in Wheeling. Just mounted PSC2’s. 325’s in the back! Getting ready for mid Ohio in October.